Snippets Issue 19 : The Glitz & Glam Issue

Valentine's Brooch

Wear a heart on your sleeve.

Valentine's Brooch

I am such a sucker for the season of Valentines. I love the mash up of pink and red, hearts hearts hearts, and nice hugs. I've also never been a big fan of "true love", "soul mate", or Valentine's day as a time to sulk if you're single, or relish in a night of boring dates, dozen roses, and boxes of chocolates. Valentine's--or V-day if you prefer--is the time of year after the post-holiday sulk (when it's probably cold, grey, and miserable out) that you can jump start your heart for spring! Because we all know there's a few more months until crocuses bloom, birds start chirping, and the breeze becomes warm.

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I made this brooch in 20 minutes and on the cheap. It's a great way to just put that little rosy in your winter'd cheeks and would be a great way to tell your lady loves you want them to be your Valentines!). You will need a granny square for this project, if you need to make one from scratch, you can see a tutorial here.


Wow your tattos are beautifull! they really show or passion for craft. Also thats a really clever project i've always loved that saying! Thankyou Happy
Omg, I adore this!!
It's a wonderful present to give and a big money saving object, Its genious!

Thank you ^^
loooks so pretty, but i love your tatoo too.LOL very special , awesome, its your own drawing?
thanks for your the how to and sharing, love it;-D

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