Snippets Issue 15 : The Summer Holiday Issue

Handbag Contest

Tell us what's in your handbag and win a gorgeous Ori-Janel clutch.

Handbag Contest

By Snippets

After the success of our first handbag competition, we decided it was time to have another and this time we've got a gorgeous clutch from Ori-Janel Creations up for grabs.

win a bag

For your chance of winning, simply tell us what you've got in your handbag below. You can even post a photo! One lucky winner will walk away with a gorgeous leopard-print clutch to carry everything around it.

Check out Ori-Janel Creations for more awesome bags and other accessories.


I have got:
Cellphone Charger
Cellphone Speakers
Make UP bag
An Alice Band (head band)
Eyelash Curler
Hair Brush
Roll ON Deodrant
Pain pills
Small hand mirror
3 bottles of Purfume
2 set of keys
Chewing gum
Eating plan
Paper holder!


Small handbag 1263372379
Camera, wallet, ticket stubs and reciepts, pens, gum, keys, folding utility/pocketknife, mini sketchbook/notebook, loose change, dried flower, bike reflector.
Inside my bottomless artbox tote you shall find(if youn dare venture in it)......................
My purse, which has £9.34, old bus pass and a cinema ticket
My phone and charger(you never know when the 'no charge curse' will strike)
My ipod nano, which has a habit of turning on by itself and playing music in libaries.(libarians dont like it when your bag starts to sing 'Bulletproof')
A scrap of paper saying 'Bluewater 27th. Get card lippy and dress'
KEYS-kitty keycap and all!
A notepad with gold gel pen scribblings in( all 'i's are dotted with hearts-so emo)
Photo of my westie ruby wearing my red sunnies(stylish pup)
Tissues(swine flu alert!)
Mango face wipes( The smell.mmmmmm)
A candle(Mkay...)
Hairbrush (no knots, no probs, my mantra.Never works)
Sugar and Bliss Magazines-Essential
Glasses-I can barely see 2 cms in front of my nose......but i never wear them. aPART FRIOM skjl
Red heart sunglasses
Old dogs collar( tis a pink starry affair, tis it not?)
'WOULD LIKE TO ADVERTSE HERE? cards-my trademark as I leave where-ever I go. My mates mum found one in her kettle before.After she poured into a teacup, very,very, wet.
Flowery pants(very strange with aliens ASWELL as
An 'I love the beatles badge'(Vintage dahling....)
List of mates as follows(in no particular order)
Jess, Ganga, Rachie,Gracie,Ellla, Lorelei, Ruby, Dj, Naomi, Emma.Emma, Leah, Chloe, Georgia s, Chenxian, Katherine, maddy
Ring pulls( will be featured on dickinson real deal in later life and will be worth a million! Haha, yeah rite0
Charlie body spray(sniff sniff)
Pen(Purple gel pen, natch)
Candle(no matches...useful)
Fabvric for friends bday plushie
Water bottle(ahhhh love it)
ANOTHER note saying' Ella is smellly'. Oh dear my science teacher will not be impressed when she finds out what really hapens in science lessons......
That shall be it mon pallys................
Toodle pip
In my bag there's almost nothing: a purse, my phone, hankies and some peppermints. Less is more Happy.
Recently made a Vinyl Record purse so I've been cramming it with my wallet of course, lip balm, a compact mirror, P.O. box key, car keys, mini flashlight, rainbow band-aids, safety pins, a sharpie, two pens (one purple one black), a mechanical pencil, a highlighter, my DON'T PANIC hitchhiker's notebook, my mp3 player, my cell phone, loose change, sunglasses, mini Swiss Army knife, bug spray, gum, hair elastics and clips, earbuds, sometimes I'll have my camera, lighters, miscellaneous necklaces bracelets earrings and rings (don't worry they have their own case), Anti-itch cream, my Nintendo DS lite, extra Nintendo DS games, a comb, a map of my college campus, and delicious smelling body spray. And yes, it all fits.

I do not have a handbag soooo, I will tell you what I stuff in my pockets, my boyfriends pockets and what I carry in hand. YES. I am a mess to go anywhere with.

-I broke my wallet a year ago so now I just use the photo wallet that was inside of it to carry I.D. and cash cards.
-Loose cash.
-Cell phone
-Extra clips for my hair (I have thick hair and live in bad humidity)
-Car keys (they bulge hideously unless I let them hang out, which I then sound like a janitor coming around every corner =D )
-Loose change..(which I always carry because I looove paying exact change.)
-Chapstick! Sometimes two! (humidity and sun damage remember??)
-In Louisiana you always need to be prepared with sunglasses, mine hang on the collar of my shirt. Which I have to switch with seeing glasses I normally have on my face lol
-Always extra hair ties on my wrists.
-My adorable, compact steady shot camera (unfortunately for my bf, it's pink)
-Tampons, when needed (at least I get the really small ones/he's a great bf)
-Pack of Eclipse peppermint gum (he carries his own big red, ick!)

Finally! That's about the general idea of my daily get-up. Don't even ask what I resort to when I'm dressed up and at a loss for pockets!!
I neeeeeed and want a cute handbag of my own, please save me! (and especially my good sport of a boyfriend)

Undo the broken zipper and inside my bag you'll find
a cluttered up assortment of things of course could only be mine.
The first you'll see is blue and flowered- my little notebook notebook- full.
The next is a bright orange umbrella with a blue handle and pull.
Five mechanical pencils; I've made sure they're full of lead.
A little clay Timucanpi- I'm surprised it isn't dead.
Two tubes of flavored chapsticker- one brushed metal, the other pink.
My very favorite pen- years old, still full of ink.
Blue camera and case, both only a few days old.
A random thing of strawberry jam (was I supposed to keep it cold?)
Reciept, an mp3 player, headphones, hairpins, a ring.
A book, Great Expectations- I still have to read that thing...
Two quarters, two dimes, a penny, nickel, and foundation.
Bert's Bee's lemongrass repellent- best stuff in the nation.
A Hufflepuff hat and a brand new wallet are all that's left inside.
Now you know what's in my purse, because what do I have to hide?

Sorry...that was totally overboard. But I'm feeling poetic~ ;)
Wallet, lip gloss, lip balm, phone, ipod, keys and chewing gum
lip balm
spare change
a starter tampon
a pencil and paper
bandaids Happy always need bandaids...
hubba bubba chewing gum
bobby pins
hair ties
palmers coco butter
my purse, covered with pictures of marilyn monroe Happy
my latest car boot sale bargain top...
some powder
red nail polish
a little notebook Happy
purse with multiple cards and £5
earphone spliter
condom tin with condoms
broken heart button i found
rose hair clip
ball and a cup game
h&m dita von tease badge
vivienne westwood purfume
betsy johnson sunglasses
tattoo healing balm
sex pistols experience nancy spungen gun necklace
chewing gum
hot pink lipstick
vintage sewing kit
bits and pieces of things I compulsively pick up off of the ground
and of course an extra diaper for my 2 yr old
Well my purse is a giant pink and yellow plaid sack from Target and inside I have...
A floral printed wallet
A novel entitled the cabinet of curiousities
My Black iPod classic
A Vinny's Tampon Case
Birth controll pills
My digital camera in it's red and white floral holder
Directions to the mall from my friends house curtousy of Mapquest
A four page calender with my next four months work schedule on it
five charlie cards floating around aimlessly (they are used for the subway)
a pink heart covered academic planner
fierce red sunglasses
oversized aviators
a teeth whitening stick in its packaging
a vera bradley ID holder with nothing in it
A white piece of paper with the Date: Aug 3rd, 11:30 Am on it (I don't know what that's for!)
An empty red Coach wristlet
My keys
A mini straightener in a white and black floral holder
my check book
Green and pink gimp in a spiral pattern
A flashdrive
A ziplock bag full of embroidery floss in a rainbow of colors
Johnson & Johnson Lotion
A Cloth Glasses case that none of my sunglasses are in
a Travel toothbrush
and a recipe for Chicken Margherita
haha let' see...

my zune
my phone
my wallet
my mini sewing kit

that's about it...
I have a hot pink purse and inside I have:
harajuku lovers red zip pouch with white kitties on it that holds, me and my girls shot records, lipgloss, masscerea,2 pens and a fine permenant marker.
I have a purple wallet that holds all my cards,and Id's some change but mostly pennies.
I also have a small make up bag that I bought from Tara M's etsy that holds my digital camera and my small teal color mp3 player along with all the cords.
I have and address/swap book that I keep on me at all times so when I am going to post office I can double check I wrote everything down correctly.
I have snacks, which is currently cheesey peanut butter crackers and hard candy for when me and my girls are out and about. I also have a small little trinket box that holds my jewlery.
I also have my blue hair brush, and a bunch of mine and kiddo's business cards floating around at the bottom. lol
Ok, lets see.
glow in the dark stars
tic tacs
lip gloss
note book and pens
plastic bunny toy
rubber bat
tattoo magazine
lighter (even though I don't smoke)
customized sketch book
ruby gloom pencil case
the book i'm reading - pride and prejudice and zombies
hair clips
swiss army knife
A needle - I always carry a needle. Some complain about Health and Safety, but I think it would definitely be more dangerous to not have one on me in a crafting crisis.

Then there's my thought book, whenever I have a thought I just pop it in there. It's great to have, I think everyone should have one.

Also I am never without any reading material, be it the new issue of ELLE or the current book I am reading.

But I think most importantly I always carry a plush toy, mainly my octopus. They are there to guard all my stuff, so far it has worked Happy.
In my purse bag today...

-My wallet, in which there is a small amount of money, a few gift cards, an expired bus pass, three Star Trek ticket stubs and four partially filled out Oregon Art Supply punch cards
-My sketchbook, in which there is art and some fitting sheets
-a Goo Goo Dolls CD I got at Goodwill yesterday
-My keys, in which there are only really two keys and about twelve keychains
-a stuffed cat
-Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace
-Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman
-Paper Towns by John Green (which currently has a fake mustache stuck onto the cover.... my friends are strange people)
-some miscellaneous change which should be in my wallet
-my iPod, Piper, in it's iPod sock that my mum knit for me
-my Cunning Hat, which my mum knit for me (it's too hot to wear it right now)
-a pack of gum
-a few lollipops
-my cellphone
-a carrot (WTF?)
-the third season of Buffy, Enchanted and Mirrormask, all of which need to be returned to either the library or the video rental place
-a pack of playing cards

Some of the things in my purse don't even make sense to me...
from top left to bottom right:

my hand made sketch book/ journal
whatever book i am currently reading (Burton on Burton)
my day planner
my note pad
my first aid kit
measuring tape
black thread
white thread
invisible thread
safety pins
the betseyville bag i keep my sewing supplies in
a beret
peach lace gloves
my house key with a frankenstein key chain
a mini water bottle
small and regular sharpies
a mini water color set
a lighter
a fork and spoon
tiny and regular hair ties
the body shop wild cherry scented lotion
a hair brush
a bow
a lace head band
crayola pip squeaks markers
pen and pencil
shine off blotting tissues
debit card
hottopic frequent buyer card (shut up, they have durable band shirts)
ralph's club card
tazo tea card
build a bear card
orange county transportation authority 30 day youth bus pas
coin purse
hand sanitizer
an ipod so small i have no idea what to call it (my ex has my video ipod, that big dumb smuck)
estee lauder double wear foundation
my cellular
victoria secret "love spell" body mist
mac select sheer pressed power
mac blush
ombre couture eye shadow kit
nail file
eyeshadow brush
blush brush
powder brush
mini razor
tide to go
mabeline "colossal volume" mascara
revlon lipstick "copperglaze sienna"
revlon lipstick "sassy mauve"
co bigelow apothecaries mentha lip tint "pink mint"
and finally, good old burt's bees honey lip balm
plus whatever project im working on at the time
and the camera that i took the picture with
play tampons if im riding the cotton pony.

and that little white blur up there is my trusty hand bag from icing.
you may be asking "does it all fit?"
the answer is "no."
i have to jam pack it all in there in a somewhat organized fashion.
this is why i try not t buy large bags, because i will see it as a personal challenge.
i dont NEED everything i have in there, i just like to have it "just in case".
In my bag is...

Bus tickets for places over 500 miles away
Keys, with judy garland and spongebob keyrings
Oyster card
A-Z Map book
Ipod and pink skull candy earphones
Work pass
Lip gloss
Factor 50 sunscreen
Mobile phone
Big black purse
Sequin tortoise change purse
A penny that is stuck in the lining of the bag
Pen lids but no pens...
In my bag...
My phone
My ipod touch
three pens
three pencils
two erasers
my wallet
a fistfull of receipts
handful of change
mini sketchbook
coupons for free bowling
two chapsticks
sudoku magazine
school ID & keys
nail clippers
neosporin spray
hair ties
in my bag there is
a phone
Money(£5 and 20p, not much)
ipod ( can't be seperated)
a birthday card adressed to Polly....i don't know a polly
sunnies shaped like apples
lip balm in watermelon
wrapping paper
Glitter glue
pen +pad
a cup(?)
BTW my bag is a recycled tin can bag
a picture of my brother,
a toothbrush,
a receipt from the museum,

and other things that don't matter.

Let's see, my bag holds:
1 diaper
lil tissues
anti bacterial gel
lip balm
travel purfume
eye drops
extra contact case
wallet size picture album
grocery list
crochet project
quaker chewy granola bar
a few hard candies
pocket calender
I think that's it
My Bag <Handmade from a tutorial on CO+K> holds:
my digital camera
my wallet
my keys
my Zune
my DSLite
a few pieces of gum
a pen
a pencil
some hair ties
a lighter
a Hippogryff *I'm not kidding. It's a D&D miniature*
Lip balm
pop tabs *I'm saving to make that bikini, you know.*
probably a grocery list too
Hmmm I think that's it....Oh! There's always a penny in there, I should know, I sewed it in the lining.
In my bag there is:
A bottle of water
My red ipod
my phone
my poi
my purse
my keys

My bag always holds:
Cell Phone
An Old School Organizer with note paper, calendar and address book
A paperback book
A small zippered pouch that holds:
A little Mirror
Nail File
Blotting Sheets
Hand sanitizer
Dental Floss
Band aid

Today it also has my sunglasses, several old store receipts, two pieces of mail, a granola bar wrapper, my resume and references, 2 clothes hangers, a tank top and shorts, a camera, a yoyo and nail polish. Geez.
The contents of my bag:
Sanitary towels
Red Nose Day joke sheet
Seaweed wrapper
train ticket
button from my skirt
pink plastic bag
2 Laserquest score sheets - I'm not very good at laser quest
Incentives sheet for my proof of age card
two 16 badges
one bus ticket
Frosties sweets
Neoprint photos
2 pens and a ruler
I usually use a medium-sized silver vinyl two-strap bag that is currently rather empty Tongue It contains:

-My black leaping-frog wallet that my cousin got me for xmas many many years ago
-a piece of mail
-my key ring (house key, mail key, pocket knife, mini flashlight, mini clicker-pen)
-10 cents Canadian Tire Money (two 5 cent bills)
-hot pink Avon lipstick
-watermelon Burt's Bees lip shimmer
-3 seed packets (beets, carrots, burdock)
-empty bank envelope
-Burt's Bees lip balm
-nail file
-empty metal cigarette case
-mp3 player and headphones
-Bubblicious gum wrapper
-business card I'm holding onto for my BF
-4 expired Subway Scrabble thingies
-1 in-case-of-emergency tampon
-a single large blue plastic gem
-a scrap of paper that says "Monday" on it that I have no idea what it is from or for
-lint, tobacco flakes, tiny granules of rock (from rock-collecting) and assorted pet hairs

It also has a vintage Sarah Coventry apple pin (called "Burgundy") on the zipper pull that my Mumsie bought for me Happy
Pink leather wallet that I got at a lawn sale,
Burt's Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm,
iPod Touch,
Cell Phone,
Eye liner,
Smokes (unfortunately),
Pictures of my son.

well goodness. in my purse is a rather large check book/wallet;gummie bears; sunglasses; a diaper and wipes; my daily rx's; phone; game boy; 4 lip glosses; lighter; cigarettes; bills needing to be paid; my current reading selection; lotion; condoms; tampons; keys; a talking baby Shrek toy; earrings; random change in the bottom; and the kitchen sink! haha
Sony Camera and Wire
Face cream
One earring
Candy garbage
Cinema ticket
Important camera receipts
cigarette case
change purse
lip gloss
face powder
wine key
5 pens (all blue)
1 magic marker (blue)
candy cigarettes
1 handlebar grip (for my bike)
sunglasses with case
allergy pills
flat tire repair kit (for my bike)
bottle opener
7 matchbooks from various places
hand lotion
1 crochet needle
sanitizing hand wipes
compact mirror
travel size perfume
hair barrett

Notepads + calender
several pens in different colors
Needle + thread
small perfume
Toothbrush + Paste

my phone
a handful of hair ties
3 pens
lip gloss
random change

wow i need to clean this bag out!
vintage handkerchief
wine opener
stereo face
playing cards
I have a lot of stuff:
3 different lip glosses
1 lipstick
gasx pills
mini note book
clove cigarettes
empty gum wrappers
key chain with bottle opener
book-the purity myth by Jessica Valenti
umbrella (it will not stop raining)
Zicam that I think I was told I need to throw away do to possibility of losing my sense of smell
Oh goodness. Lets see...

Super Awesome Datebook
Favorite mechanical pencil
Aveeno hydrocortisone lotion
Birth Control pills
nail clippers
nail file
chewing gum
lactase pills
wallet (with checkbook, coupons, cards, etc.)
eye drops
tic tacs
chapstick (like 3 things of it)
hand sanitizer
condom case
tiny spiral note pad
CPR shield and gloves
pink mini sharpee
saftey pins
random make-up
glasses case
Queen of the Damned book (I usually have a book of some sort in there)

....and I think that's about it. Uploading pic to go with it.
Purse (coins, cards, receipts, etc)
Car and house keys
Nintento DS Lite and games in a hard case
Measuring tape
Hand lotion
2 Note pads
3 Pens (2 work, 1 for show)
Emergency Supplies Bag (fabric pencil case containing tampons, pads, panadol, etc)
Mobile Phone
Clear lip gloss
Dark Red lip gloss
Head phones for listening to radio on Mobile phone
half packet of Cough lollies
Digital Camera
Nail file
mini First Aid kit for my children
Work security pass and keys
Broken perscription sunglasses (need fixing) in case
some extra hot mints
Hair lacky
Ventolin and spacer for my youngest son
a Barbie (my daughters)
2 Hot Wheels cars
a wheel from a toy car
Guitar pick (taken from eldest son)
little PUss in Boots toy from Shrek movie
Hanky (clean)
a Crayon (can't explain that one)
a Broken keyring I'll fix one day
couple of Receipts
a Book I'm currently reading (Desert Flower by Waris Dirie)

I didn't realise I had so much in my bag until I laid it all out. Time for a clean out !
all i have is...
hair ties
...and thats about it all in mi roca wear purse!

CO+K User
I've got everything from my checkbook and last month's bar receipts to my knitting, tampons and 5 kinds of lip gloss and hand lotion.

Numerous grocery lists and some love notes top out the inventory today!
Well it all depends on the bag I am currently using at the time. Let's see whats in it today.

Todays bag has is a pink carry bag, with a paris design on one side which I received as a birthday present from my bf's mum (she found it in a op/thrift shop).

*opens up the bag* Oooo whats inside. A mess is most of it. Lets see...

My lunch for the day (tuna sandwich, banana, caramel tart)
My old mobile with its hords of phone hangers (11 to be exact)
clean and dirty tissues scattered throughout
Ipod (with additional radio attachment I pinched from my lil bro)
grape lipgloss
Rings I had made and wore out one day
Wasabi and soy sauce (from a sushi lunch one day)
Car keys
house keys
My wallet with its cute mario mushroom keychain on it
pens and nikkos
Pencil case I bought from the Philippines (It has some engrish on it "It played together with pippi. I like Flower. The yellow flower was gathered today. A house is carefully decorated with this)
Textbook for college for the day (electricity and cosmetic chemistry)
My glorious waterproof and shock proof camera (I love that thing)
mini A6 art journal incase I need to quickly sketch an idea
Umbrella (it was overcast when I left home this morning)
and various dockets and receipts from impulse shops.

I beleive that is all there is in my bag today. *Phew*
Hmmmm, just the usual stuff.
cell phone
key ring with keys
key ring with no keys (just my "club cards")
hand sanitizer
kimono shaped coin purse
reusable grocery bag in it's own stuff sack
earrings that I took off and forgot to put in jewelery box
feminine hygiene products in handmade denim pouch
emery board
migraine meds
eye drops
PSP with customized decoupaged acrylic cover
sticky notes with unread-able notes
candy wrappers
the ever present lint
hmmmm....notice no money!

Let's see... I have....
1..make that 2 small notebooks
5 things of lipgloss
4 different types of lotions
a wallet
2 iPods and earbuds
headache meds
5 envelopes of coupons
2 things of body spray
2 types of eyedrops
tattoo goo
hair pins
a partial pack of gum
old receipts
and a pen
Slightly scared of the prospect of looking through my bag in full. It's a lovely black leather one from Heyraud (a shop in La Rochelle) and I got it for my birthday last year Here goes:
Nutrageous bar
Lego Bunny
'Reasons to go Smoke free' card from the NHS
Hair de-frizzing cream
Regenerating eye cream stuff
Biros x4
Percy pig sweets
Tape Measure
Shell pendant I made in my Jewellery class at college
single fruit pastille
Code for my office door
hairbands x3
tube map
kitten stickers
college ID
key for my drawer at work
mp3 player - NOT an ipod!
Tesco vouchers
Regent ST 'Taste of spain' leaflet and map

ok. Think that's it. I really need to clean my bag out more often....
I have:
A 'Badley' purse - not quite Radley, but it has a dog on it ;)
Kids photos
Door keys
Sunglasses and case
Seed beads - oooh, I wondered where they went!
DS lite with 100 Classic Books cartridge and a crystal Beaded stylus keep
Nail file
Lip balm - pink grapefruit
Lipstick - Creme coffee
A feather (?)
Mobile phone in The Nightmare Before Christmas sock
A pressed penny from The Blue Planet Aquarium
An old receipt
Hair bobble
Sula sugar-free sweeties - strawberry flavour
A book of first class stamps
3 yoggie drops - you never know when one of my pet rats will hitch a lift...
7 ugly GoGo plastic toys - confiscated from son

CO+K User
Hello Kitty hand made wallet
26 $
Broken pen
Chewy Bar
Menth chocolate filled candies
Chocolate mint chip hard candy
charged out claires gift card
make up bag
Buss Pass
Credit card, debit card, drivers liscence
Ipod and headphones (with homemade Ipod cozy!)
Mac Hello Kitty lip balm
Hair Brush
Sponge Bob Square pants kleenex
loose change
$5 Bill
A whole lot of reciepts and other garbage
My biker Betty Boop bag that my family gave me for my Birthday one year holds my matching biker Betty Boop zipper bag which holds my driver's license, credit cards, bank card, checkbook, voter registration, social security cards, reciepts from the grocery or gas station. The main bag holds my medical cards for me and the kids, current book that will fit (not all do!!), notebook for sudden inspiration on my legal homework, pen (usually one that works) and keys. That is usually all but on occasion I can stuff in a lot more LOL.
In my bag I carry my mobile, wallet and change purse; a cute stripey 'baby sock' one that I love. I also have a pen, to note down any arty ideas I get during the day, a bottle of water, and my uniform for work so I don't forget it. Oh, also a packet of tissues. There's not really that much in it but my bag is nice and big so that I never have to use plastic bags if I buy something in town Happy
check book
cell phone
2 lip balms
3 lip glosses
4 packs of gum
3 purse-size perfumes
2 notepads
3 pens

Wow! All my junk will never fit in that cute little clutch! Must pare down!
Lots of `plastic` (credit cards!), Packet of tissues, lipgloss, keys for car, keys for house, paper receipts from shopping trips, two lollipops (for the kids)and 3p in change(rolling around in the fluff at the bottom).
Sup Elvis?
lip sticks (3, one for each version of "mom")
diaper wallet
heiney wipes
cell phone
cell phone batteries
camera battery charger
empty chewing gum wrappers
ziploc bag with unwanted snack (not able to distinguish said snack)
check book
my mom's check book
three hotwheels cars
my color chart (in case i EVER get a chance to shop for myself, I'll be ready)
flashlight (courtesy of my husband)
some small tool that is supposed to help in an emergency situation (also from DH)
pictures of my boys (dated, but still cute as bugs)
that's about it.
lip balm
lip shimmer
tooth whitner
glass wipe
mini zippered bag
(holds license, business cards,visa, mini sewing kit
Nail decals,change,bills)
2 pens
scratch paper
mini value cards
tooth whitener
pony elastic
ear plugs
knitting needles
juju pattern
lion organic cotton yarn in cream
knife bottle opener
solid perfume

a stun gun -hopefully I will never have to use it, but I got it just in case
an emergency tampon
my Miss Army knife
a peppermint
a new/unused toothpick
a handful of coupons
5 business cards for my website (
a black uniball pen
a small notebook
my blackberry
my red lipstick (never leave home without it)
a compact of powder
Cell phone
Lip gloss
I got my Snow White purse from a lovely dwarf woman when I wandered into the Royal Wardrobe at Disneyland. After looking through all the clothes that were too small for me and feeling sad, I saw this wonderful pop art apple patterned patchy button thing. Contents: Wallet [ID Card, Hello Kitty Bank Card, $2], Green Apple iPod, iPod Speakers from the 99 Cent Store! Magic Mirror that makes a shimmery sound when you push the apple, Nintendo DS, Jesse's Girl Black Nail Polish, Violet USB Cord, My Keys, Green Hi-Lighter & Wooden Pencil, Tarot Cards, Makeup Bag, Medicine Pouch, Forest Green Lolita Shades, Camera [not pictured]
one house key with no key ring Happy
sushi fish soy sauce
a baby sock
random pieces of paper with random lists ideas
one of my sons cars
simpsons plasters
A thimble

I never realised I carried all this around with me until I just layed it all out. I took this all to a festival with me, so this is a 'cleared out' version of my bag!

Purse - with the grand total of 50p in it.
Driving licence - because i look under 18 even tho I'm nearly 21!
Bank cards - no money but still :p
Job applications - because i got made redundant =
Book - Pillow talk by freya north
10 pack of mayfair menthol - I rarely smoke, but incase I have the need.
BP petrol reciept - because cars need to drink too!
Black nail varnish - chipped nails are the devils work :p
Impulse body spray - you never know!
Earrings - I feel naked without them!
Hair band - Kreepsville 666 stuff, for when my dread extentions drive me insane.
Tablets - anti panic attack, cause I'm special haha.
Extra chewing gum - no one likes smelly breath!
Lip balm - for soft lips!
Spare batterys - you never know when you'll need em!
Game perfume - it's lush!
Download festival wrist band - it always makes me smile =]

I usually have my camera and my mobile too =]

This is all kept in my Motley Crue tote I made out of a t-shirt I had Happy

my tinker bell wallet tinker bell pen my tinker bell phone book my tinker bell key ring with my keys on it the healing garden hand cream my sunflower perfume .all in my denim jeans purse hand bag out of a pair of blue jeans with plaid lining material with light pink and light green and white colors, it looks like the top of the pair of blue jeans it made out of Nevada blue jeans it my favorites it was given to me by a secrete Santa but.I don't know it was which I think is so cool .I love hand made things.I would love to have one of this hand bags.I would put it to good use and as my friends call me a young at heart.
In my bag I always carry far to much stuff, at the moment it includes
The essentials:
Passport (I'm 22 but nobody believes me so I always get ID in the pub)
Lip Balm
House Keys

Then there's
The Ipod
My phone
My super cool sunglasses
Vanilla Body Spray (ummmm)
E45 cream
A pen
The awesome handmade notebook I got off of Etsy
My favourite brooch (the ringpull one)
A marilyn monroe mirror that I found 5 years ago on the floor at a yeah yeah yeah's gig
And finally the book I'm reading at any present moment in time

this is my bag and i carry;
passport and birth certificate
umbrella (i live in Vancouver Tongue)
day planner
address book
card holder and cards
sketch book
pens and pencils and such
makeup kit with extra brushes
mirror with attachable brush
pit stick
mouth wash
slim quick drink packets
glasses cleaner
mp3 player
my card book with my buss pass
kitty coin purse
extra gloves
memo paper
first aid kit
jewelers loop
extra battery's for my camera
and my camera *i needed to use it Tongue*
and my buss timetable

i didn't realize i had the much stuff until i layed it all out lol
Inside the bottomless abyss of my rocker chic zebra print & studded purse that I got from a thrift store for only $5:

•Lime green iPod w/ panda bear ear-buds so I can dance, dance, dance
•iPhone with 2 missed calls from the future hubs…whoops.
•Misc. keys on an Animal from the Muppets key-ring
•My latest read: The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly
•Faux leopard print wallet with about $3 cash, checks, & credit cards out the wazoo
•Hot pink glittery bag of brightly colored pens and markers for doodlin’ & such
•Planner/notebook to help me organized and on top of things
•A letter to my pen-pal, Krysti, covered in cute dinosaur stickers
•Polka-dotted coupon book for my thrifty deals & steals
•Nikon digital camera for all those “ya’ shoulda been there” moments
•Anna Sui black rose mirror compact
•Estee Lauder Beautiful Sheer Perfume
•Mini Purell hand sanitizer
•Literally six different flavors of Beauty Rush lip glosses from Bath & Body Works
•Paisley hanky in case I get the sniffles
•Old-school, James Dean style Zippo lighter
•Lucky Elvis. Yeah, I said lucky Elvis—what of it?
•Hot pink USB flash drive for the gal on the go
•Silver sugar skull cardholder for my personal business cards
•Orange hairbrush to keep my ‘do did
•Hello Kitty adhesive bandages in case of medical emergencies
•Pocket knife
•Fabulously oversized red sunglasses
•A toffee hard candy…that I just ate. Delish.
• Sansa Clip, with knitted cord ear buds, natch
• pepper spray
• pocket knife from darling husband
• 2 1/2 packs Trident Tropical Twist gum
• compact
• Ice Breakers Sours berry flavor - heaven!
• business card holder (actually a repurposed cigarette case since I quit smoking)
• Queen Helene's Cocoa Butter stick
• cell
• beeswax cuticle cream
• Bath and Body Works Juniper Breeze mini lotion
• wallet, with no cash, too many cards and vintage rosary from great-grandmother
• five pens
• two keyrings, one with keys, tiny pill vial and Swiss key, the other with swipe cards for stores and to get into work
• chapstick
• lipstick
• assorted berries Tums
• C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint No. 1137
• sunglasses
• digital camera
• water bill and check to pay it
Mp3 player
tons of Make-up
cell phone
my lucky emo ninja
and assorted candies
LG rumor
ipod nano
letter to send
Zune and headphones
3-6 pens
Pencil Crayons
Charm traveling pouch (all charms in pewter: globe, angel and heart)
Emerald necklace that my boyfriend gave me (now included in the traveling pouch thanks to the broken chain).
Photobooth photos of various people and myself
Ipod touch & headphones
my crochet project (a scarf)
a pen
my camera
make up bag
a weapon (for those scary nights all alone)
a book
keys (with my baby sock coin purse)
thumb cast (the joint hurts on occasion)
fortunes from fortune cookies
and girly items

iPhone and headphones
latest knitting project, a super soft scarf
keys to the mews, with a Swiss army knife and mini absinthe spoon
tube map and Oyster card
tacky postcard for a friend and a pen
my Grandad’s calculator watch (we had matching ones when I was a little girl)
big bag of make-up
Moo business cards for CO+K
coin purse made from kimono fabric
Miss A Kit army knife, complete with two knives, torch, nail file, bottle opener, mirror, sewing kit, perfume bottle, tablets, scissors, pen, tweezers and cork screw
knick knacks, including a mini bottle of Bombay Sapphire from my gin & tonic on the train, soya sauce and wasabi from lunch, a lucky cat charm, a compass that I won in a cracker, a hair clip and a squished penny from Canada

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