Snippets Issue 15 : The Summer Holiday Issue

Mystic Medusa

Written in the stars: Crafty or not so crafty? It’s all in your sign discovers Clare Kelly when she pops in for a chat with astrologist Mystic Medusa

Mystic Medusa

Is your latest project frustrating? Sometimes feel like the planets are all lining up against you? Well, maybe they are. But the good news is – that’s all about to change!

According to super cool astrologist Mystic Medusa, 2009 is the year that craft is going to ‘gangbusters with Pluto in Capricorn’ and of course, the financial crisis is only turning more people on to the homemade, which Cut Out and Keepers already know can only be a good thing.

If you want to know what’s in store for you – Mystic Medusa might just be able to help. I was excited to discover that from now until February 2010 is going to be a fantastic time for me but what if, I asked her, she has to tell someone something they might not want to hear? "I'll see immediately if someone's life is about to alter but they'll often say it's fine. I'm just like, come on, this is your life" Yes, Mystic Medusa is pretty kick-ass and no-nonsense and that's why her site is so damn popular. She even writes a column for InStyle in Australia, but if you're not over that way, you can sign up for her Nightly, Weekly or Monthly scopes.

As a Cancerian, I know I'm a home-loving sew-and-sew but we are also good at baking, says Mystic. And Virgos? Just because you can't bake so well doesn't mean you're not red-hot when it comes to knitting and sewing.
 Taurus however, is all about the cooking and can often be musical to boot. So expect to be wined and dined with a sexy soundtrack to take the bull by the horns, as it were... 

Like Mystic, who got into horoscopes at an early age "as a way to work boys out" many of us have been known to consult the more mystical side of things when we're looking for love – so what can be done?

 Mystic recommends Venusian 9, a body lotion she has concocted and would love to share with you. "It’s really easy to make and it can make you feel pretty euphoric. It smells like heaven and somehow the bitterness of the grapefruit spikes the sweetness of the vanilla and ylang ylang. Just take 500ml of sweet almond oil – which your skin will drink – then add 30ml of real vanilla essence, 30ml of ylang ylang essential oil and 30ml of grapefruit essential oil and mix it all together. ”

But if loving is the last thing on your mind and you just want to catch some zzzz without counting sheep, try a dream pillow made of lavender and sage: “Sage repels negativity and lavender will soothe you,” says Mystic.
“Mint tea drunk before bedtime will also enhance your dreams and make them more psychic.”

So with that in mind, put down your knitting or unstick yourself from the glue and hit the sack – who knows what psychic insights will come your way?

And if you need a little guidance, just visit Mystic Medusa at her online home.


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