krystina chanell floyd-shattles my name is split into four parts much like myself. my soul. my heart. my mind. my body. i am like a broken mirrors in many ways only because i have been broken so many times that i want to be able to be put back together. i want to see who i really am for the first time.
the state of mind i reside in is pretty crazy. i don't think about time nor do i care. i'm not really into unintelligent people, but i enjoy people who i can laugh at. in many ways i think i am insane and morbid. for instance you can look at a person and just see some kid, but i can see through all skin, muscle, bone, and bodily fluids. i can see who you are and who you will be, and this is because, like you, i am trying to understand the other lonely souls in this melancholy world we live in. i trust people a lot and that is one of my weaker qualities, because there are many people who shouldn't be trusted, but i'll give them a chance.
i also dont mind sitting and waiting. i can wait for the things i want. i can wait all alone because most of the time when i am alone, i get a lot of thinking done, and because when everything is quite i can pick at my own brain. i can also have conversations with the one person i can't hide away from. myself, and i don't mind that one bit.
i take in chances that i know wont come again. things are changing so rapidly and before everyone knows it, everything you know is gone. you have to keep your eyes wide and see everything.
i have my eyes wide shut to all things that will hurt me. i know that curiousity killed the cat and i guess if i look too closely at things and over analyze things, they lose thier beauty. my senses are very keen and i would like to keep them that way. i love beautiful and ugly things, because they give you a contrast to look at.
all i want are friends who i can fall back onto. good people, and i know they are out there. people who are always lost in thought, people who dont like waking up because the are waiting for the perfect dream, and people who will join my in my imagination, and never want to leave.

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