Snippets Issue 15 : The Summer Holiday Issue

Creative Morocco

Morocco fanatic, Miquette tells us about the country and how-to make it's famous green tea.

Creative Morocco


I have been to Morocco twice and, after travelling around Europe and visiting America, it has definitely become my favourite place in the world. There are so many things that I love about the country and it's not just the boiling hot weather. One of the most important things is that the locals are talented and very creative. When you walk down the street, handmade items surround you. There are great restaurants, snake charmers and street musicians, who perform for you. The amazing thing about Morocco is that the people, who are creative and run their own businesses, are actually a lot better off financially. I imagine that is is more like the olden days and what our ancestors were use to. All of us Cut Out and Keep members would be living a great life.

Because the prices in Morocco are so cheap, we could easily afford to go out for amazing meals and buy our family fantastic gifts. Unfortunately, the reason for this is that there is little wealth in the country. In order to give back, we brought presents to give to the children - pens, t-shirts, plastic beads and other things they would like.



Another thing I love about the country is that the mosques have loud speakers, which echo out prayers, all around the city and lots of different mosques pray at the same time. Although we couldn't tell what they were saying, the sound gave a comforting and safe feeling. It was very relaxing and soothing to hear.

Every time that I have travelled to the country, I have taken the ferry from Spain, across the water to Tangier. However, I wouldn't spend much time in the city because of it's reputation for being a very dangerous place. Instead, we would head to Chefchaouen, my favourite Moroccan city. The buildings are painted with different shades of blue, so that the streets match the sky - quite the contrast to the dull grey buildings, here in the UK. There are little winding streets, filled with lots of shops that sell a wide range of handmade items, such as drums, carpets, bags and beads. There are also ladies, who will offer to paint your hands with Henna in beautiful patterns, which will last for a week or so.

You may hear a lot of horror stories about Morocco but, every time I have visited, I have met the nicest, kindest, funniest and great people. For example, on my second visit, I befriended a hat maker, who called himself Hat Man. We were almost at the end of our week holiday and needed our remaining budget for the ferry back, so he invited us to his little shop, that was full of amazing hats. He made us a Moroccan Tajine, which is just like a casserole, made with lots of goodies and filled with amazing spices. I still have the hat he made especially for me. We also got invited into lots of other shops and were given Moroccan mint tea, which I can’t get enough of and neither will you. Below is a recipe for making the famous mint tea.

Moroccan Mint Tea


  • 1 cup of loosely packed fresh mint leaves
  • 3 tsp. of sugar (per cup of tea)
Boiling water

In a teapot combine mint leaves, sugar and add boiling water.

Let tea steep for 5 to 10 minutes.

You can also put the mint leaves straight into the glass your drinking from, add the sugar and water and your ready to roll.

What's your favorite country?


I live in Ceuta ^___^ Im sure you may have passed here when you went on your trip! hahaha
i8 am moroccan and i loooove morocco Happy
we have tourists all around the world and it's awesome to have them in our country ;)
seems like lovely Miquette has forgotten to add green tea to the ingredients list.
though without green tea it is still nice as well. especially if you dont want to have any coffeine.

but how the locals made it with who i stayed with was that you put loose green tea with fresh mint and plenty (way too much for me!) of sugar and boil it in a teapot for like 5 minutes.
Wow! I have not been spending enough time on my computer or my crafts. I have been super sick. But I am heading up hill now. Thank goodness! I am going to go get the ingredients to make this tea tomorrow. It sounds wonderful. Your travels sound wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing. Lisa
the country i like the most is Ireland. I've already been to 12 different european countries, and I can say this is absolutely the most wonderful place to be. Especially the Western seaside and the Northwest and Southwest regions are really worth it to be admired. But that might be because sheep are my favourite animals. If you ever planned to go to New Zealand for the Lord of the Rings-feeling, Ireland is almost equal. And it's cheaper.
Never been to Morocco but sounds alot like Tunisia, as well as the crafts such as lamp making and the perenial rugs it also has some of the most complete Roman ruins. So complete in fact that one place near the Tunis, 'the Former City of Carthage before the Romans trashed it', still has the remains of bath houses, public toilets, theaters, roads and a brothel!. Again its cheap and much like Egypt and Jordan the people are for the most part warm and friendly, but caution is advised, try what we did and hire a car and driver for a few days and really see the country.

Happy travels
it is my dream to someday go to morocco!
I love Germany, I lived in a small village that had a runied castle on the hill overlooking the town, deep green forests, moring markets and cute coffee houses. I really miss it

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