Snippets Issue 15 : The Summer Holiday Issue

Vinnie's Tampons

Crafterella meets Vinnie to get some cramp-kicking solutions.

Vinnie's Tampons

Hey everyone, it's your favorite crafty superhero, Crafterella here! Even superheros get the grumpy cramps once a month, and that's no good when the world needs rescuing. Not even knitting can cure my pain, so I caught up with my buddy, Vinnie in Brooklyn and picked his brain for some cramp-kicking solutions. In 1996, Vinnie started sewing tampon cases and giving them away to women on the subway. They were a big hit and today, his handmade pouches can be found at the bottom of thousands of women's handbags, all over the world.

tampon case

Vinnie - "I have to preface my responses with the fact that I am not trained in any official medical way. I am not a doctor, just a tampon case maker. Important distinction. I went to art school, not medical school. My advice is based on thousands upon thousands of in-person and online interactions with women and men related to the monthly cycle."

Crafterella - Oww-ee, that hurts! What are the easiest things I can do to ease the pain?
Vinnie - Gently let everyone you love know it's your period, or better yet leave your VINNIE’S GIANT ROLLER COASTER PERIOD CHART STICKER BOOK out on the coffee table to let them know what they can do to make you more comfortable. Having understanding and compassion during your period will go a long way towards easing most period discomfort.

Crafterella - I'm hungry, are there any foods which can help?
Vinnie - Obviously, the craving for chocolate during the cycle is historically proven to help and should not be ignored. Pumpkin seeds are good, calcium (milk shakes!) can help too.

Crafterella - Any exercises I can try?
Vinnie -There are a handful of cramp relieving yoga poses that are time tested and relatively simple to learn. Personally, I recommend putting on running sneakers and taking a healthful jog to an ice cream shop for a chocolaty, calcium rich, and satisfying treat. Better yet, run with a partner and have them pick up the tab as their good Samaritan effort for the month!

Crafterella - What should I do if I'm out and about, fighting crime and period pains strike?
Vinnie - Stop whatever you are doing, open your bag, take out your portable video player and watch the first few seasons of Seinfeld. It seems crazy, but it works. At least that’s what I’ve been told.

Crafterella - How can I get people to show sympathy and take care of me?
Vinnie - Period havers don’t need sympathy they need support, yo! I think most guys are sympathetic that their gal pal is in pain or otherwise off her game, but what she really needs is for her dude to step it up and find ways to help and support her during the monthly cycle. C’mon fellas, it only happens, like, every month. There are SO many ways to support a period - having pal, and sum are even fun. So, educate your peeps and let em know what you like during your period.

Crafterella - Any tips for dealing with embarrassing situations (tampons falling out of my bag in public etc.)?
Vinnie - Letting people know accidentally or directly that you have a monthly cycle should never be embarrassing. How else are you going to get a soothing, cramp curing, lower back massage of a frosty kiwi shake if no-one knows you are having your period?

Crafterella - What should I do if my period starts on holiday and I want to go swimming?
Vinnie - (a) Have your period pal apply suntan lotion to your lower back to alleviate your cramps and protect you from getting sunburned.

(b) Avoid shark infested waters.

Crafterella - Do you have any tips for our readers who haven't started their periods yet and are getting scared?
Vinnie - If you haven’t had your period yet (or even if you have!) I recommend getting the book MY LITTLE RED BOOK. It’s a very cool collection of first period stories edited by a very exceptional teen girl named Rachel Kauder Nalebuff! Nothing better than learning from others what you might expect.

Cheer up your period blues with a stylish Vinnie's Tampon Case and lots of other monthly treats from his website. Get to know your flow with a Vinnie meets CO+K period chart. Download it here: period chart


How awesome is that! And the chart is uber helpful Happy
How awesome is that! And the chart is uber helpful Happy
I'm so glad my IUD/IUC got rid of that for me!
"(b) Avoid shark infested waters."


Btw: Menstrual cups help a lot ;)
Vinnie could make some MC-cases... still a market gap
I would like to know when you will be bringing Vinnie's Tampon cases and other things to Canada this is the first time I seen them on this site and I have 23 nieces and 14 nephews and it would be a perfect gift for them and I don't know how many friends I have would think this is a handy gift keep doing the great job that you are doing its a great idea Bev O
heeh. awesome!

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