Snippets Issue 10 : The Hangover Issue

Hangover Do's and Don'ts

Much easier said when sober.

Hangover Do's and Don'ts

By Emma Jones

Do Sober Up.

Sometimes I just can't face alcohol any longer after a while on a night out because I have actually had so much to drink that I'm sober! Also I know my limit so I don't buy any more once I'm drunk. This usually means that I'm not drunk when I go to bed, so I'm not hungover when I get out of bed in the morn- er, later that morning even.

Do Drink Water.

The majority of us pan out before we manage to get to the cupboard to get a glass but having a drink of water when you get in will help so much in a few hours time! It really is the 'miracle' cure for a hangover. The only reason you are hungover is because of the dehydration that alcohol causes... mmm?... clever I know.

Do Food.

Most people can't even stand the smell of food when they're hungover but it's true that food seems to soak up all the nasty feelings of the alcohol still left in your stomach. And if it makes you sick, well, that usually makes me feel better too.

Don't mix your drinks.

However if you like having a few different drinks in a drinking session, have a few differing drinks at the start and then stick to the same drink for the rest of the night.

Don't do Paracetamol.

Although it gets rid of most of the staleness it has been proven that paracetamol creates a dangerous situation for your liver. Recent articles in newspapers have reported that there is a toxic enzyme that comes from paracetamol when it is broken down and when it mixes with alcohol it could be fatal. The water you take it with is more of a help so stick to just the water!

Safety Before the Hangover Sets In

Safety in Numbers:

It's fair to say that many of us may meet up with friends on our own, so if you're feeling uncomfortable take out your phone and talk to your friends all the way to that bar or pub if you have the credit (but please be aware of the danger of having a phone out in plain view, destroys the whole point really).

Keeping Your Belongings Safe:

Once in a club a friend and I in the naivety of the party atmosphere left our bags on a near by table and fell victim of young men taking advantage of us. They stole items out of our bags that weren't worth much but it's the principle of it and it could have been a lot worse. So keep your bag on your shoulder or where you can see it and put anything in your pockets if you can.


Do not leave your drink anywhere if you still intend to drink it and do not let people watch your drink that you do not know.

Going Home:

I usually go home on my own because no one else lives in the same area that I do but make sure it is a registered taxi that you're getting in especially if you have hailed it. A registered taxi will have a licence plate and a plate with a number and your local council logo on the back. There will also be the drivers ID in the taxi.

Keys Out:

Getting your keys out in the taxi or when you hop off the night bus will mean you don't have to rummage in the dark to find them and you get in quicker just incase there is somebody unwelcome lurking around.

And Finally:

Enjoy yourself! But remember...

If you feel you are having a problem with drink there are plenty of places to go for help. Get information from Know Your Limits and BBC Alchohol Guide or get help from Talk To Frank and Connexions-Direct.


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