Snippets Issue 10 : The Hangover Issue

The Healthiest Diet

Avoid the seasonal crash with an actual healthy diet.

The Healthiest Diet

By Ruebie Doll

It's February. The Christmas celebrations are long gone and New Years resolutions are coming back to contradict you. Why is it that we feel the need to make more often than not unrealistic targets to acheive after Christmas? Maybe it's our compelling need to improve or guilt after that last piece of chocolate gateu at that Seasonal party we attended. This time of year is a gold mine for fad diets (You know the ones I mean.) replacing meals with some form of shake or substitute... leaving you feeling unfulfilled and grouchy until your next fix. Those kind of diets make magazines sell and suppliers gain millions of pounds, yet your lucky if you even shift a couple. Valentines is creeping closer and you want to look especially gorgeous for your significant other or to attract some attention from that delicious crush, well... drop that 'Low cal, low fat, low carb' slither of nothing and make yourself comfortable!

There is no better substitute for a healthy diet than an actual healthy diet. Natural foods such as fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat and plenty of water will do you the world of good. Eat enough so that you are full but not until the point where you're too bloated to move. There are simple solutions that won't break your piggy bank and will give you a more fulfilling and enjoyable relationship with food. The most simple yet successful of techniques won't cost you a single penny my dears. Have three healthy meals, never skip breakfast as it kick starts your metabolism and try not to eat after 6 o clock if possible. After this time your body isn't usually using much energy, (Unless you tend to exercise after this time) so the energy you put into it will store as fat. I know, an awful thought, but prevention is better than cure. Another helpful tip is if you put sugar in your tea/coffee try to reduce it. For those who cannot bare their morning cuppa without a little sweetness, there are sweeteners available at your local supermarket that will do just the trick. Even the smallest of sacrifices can make the difference between a dress size.

The reason why crash diets fail miserably is because everyone is different, what works for one person may not work for you. Ask your doctor for advice on the best long term, safest diet plan. When you don't eat your body goes into starvation mode, meaning, the next thing you do eat will cling to you, store as fat immediatly and slow down your metabolism. This is because your body doesn't know when it will be fed next, so when you eventually have to start eating properly again you will put on a hell of a lot of weight, probobly twice as much as before you stopped eating regularly. Remember, your health is your most important asset.

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Eating small, light regular meals will help speed up a slow metabolism if it's already in a bit of a rut. Say good-bye to misleading weight loss advertisements and gimmics. I've looked at the back of some of these products and thought... ''For that amount of calories I could of ate two apples or a salad and felt far less lethargic!''

The best way to stay slim is to be sensible. Don't deny yourself certain food groups because we all know as soon as we label something 'Forbidden fruit' it makes us want to indulge in it even more! It's fine to eat a slice of pizza every now and then or some chocolatey goodness but the key to this ladies and gents is moderation. By all means strive for your personal best, but it's also essential to be realistic about our goals. Fast weight loss can be just as damaging as a sudden weight gain. Take each day as it comes and don't expect an over night change, patience is rewarded! Stick to a simple, achievable target then with some percevierence you'll have that figure you've been dreaming of, without spending a fortune on manufactured let downs.

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