Snippets Issue 10 : The Hangover Issue

Trashy Life 2

Audrey's out and Lana's in. We met up with Zui and Lana to find out about the new Trashy Life... Trashy Crue!

Trashy Life 2

By Cat Morley

First of all, what is Trashy Life / Trashy Crue ?
Zui: Trashy crue is the lifestyle of Lana and Zui. It documents our travels, photo shoots and events.

Lana: Yeah, its basically documenting Zui and I wreaking havoc.

Tell us a bit about the new member?
Lana: I'm pretty much awesome.

How did the two of you meet?
Zui: I first met Lana at a roller disco in downtown D.C. So there I am skating around in my typical get-up (a sequin drenched gator costume, complete with a Swarovski crystal tail) and she accidentally skated over my tail - I fell to the ground and spilt my 40 oz strategically placed fanny pack I had installed into my costume, and then she apologized.

Lana: Actually, the story was... she was skating past me and shoved me to the ground. I got mad and wanted to start a fight, so to make peace she bought me a vodka red bull, and I ended up barfing in the middle of the rink... it was a nice start to a beautiful friendship. We knew at that moment that Trashy Crue was meant to be.

"This time around everything is going to be real. Nothing staged. Nothing for show, this is us and what we do. Love it or hate it.'"

What will be different about Trashy Crue compared to the original Trashy Life?
Zui: The difference between trashy life and trashy crue is that I can finally breathe. I felt like I was in a year long abusive relationship and we finally broke up! This time around everything is going to be real. Nothing staged. Nothing for show, this is us and what we do. Love it or hate it.

What does a typical day consist of for you?
Zui: wake up, blast some guns n roses. Get my extensions teased, makeup on, pull on my acid washed jeans, 80s metal t, and run out the door to meet Lana at our usual secret spot. Then we're off to our shoot. If we don't have a shoot scheduled for that day, you can find us shopping for shoot clothes. Scoping out shoot locations or being followed by a film crue for our own personal ego trip.

Lana: I usually start my morning off at the gym. Then I come home and wash up, figure out my look for the day, meet up with Zui, usually go to a shoot, or plan some insane activity - we're always getting into something. We also like to have mini primp days at our hair stylist/makeup artist's place, she'll do our extensions, give us all kinds of beauty products, and we'll just sit around and make a party out of it.

How would you describe your style?
Zui: I'm a little bit grunge, 80s metal, j pop, all tied into one neat little package.

Lana: It changes everyday. Sometimes I want to be soft and girly, the next I like the boyish look with vests and news boy caps, I usually have an inspiration of some sort whether it be Geri Halliwell circa 1997, Twiggy, or Lene Nystrom.

Who are your fashion influences?
Zui: Japanese street fashion, Betsey Johnson, Juicy Couture, ripped up 80s metal shirts, distressed jeans, vintage cowboy boots, pretty much anything you can find at a thrift store.

"I'm always cutting, sewing, tearing, or altering something."

Do you make a lot of the clothes you wear and are you a fan of crafting?
Zui: I'm always cutting, sewing, tearing, or altering something. I just love to f**k around with materials and see how ridiculous I can make it.

Lana: I'm definitely big on making things. I have such a hard time finding clothes that I like, that I have to make my own! I even made my own dress for the VMAs.

Zuicide's Style Tip:

Bleach on jeans is your best friend!

  1. - Take some boring blue jeans and a water bottle full of bleach.
  2. - Spray them down.
  3. - Let them sit.
  4. - Wash the dye off and you've got yourself some rockin jeans baby!

Where do you get your clothes from and where are your favorite places to shop?
Zui: I get a lot of my clothes from thrift stores and I almost always alter them. Or, if I'm feelin saucy, I shop at cute boutiques in NYC.

Lana: I don't have one specific place I shop, if something catches my eye I'll buy it. A lot of my stuff is from markets around the world or H&M. Some of my favorite shopping spots are the Camden Markets and Portebello Markets in London, Gamle Stan in Stockholm, Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam, and Takeshita Dori St. in Tokyo.

I'm honestly not big on designer names, give me a vintage store or flea market in Europe or Tokyo and I will be in Heaven. Not to say that I don't like an occasional Betsey bag or Harajuku Lovers jacket.

You must travel a lot, where are your favorite places to visit?
Zui: Oh my life is definitely a tour. I've always been a fan of NYC, I can't get enough of that place!

Lana: Stockholm, Tokyo, Amsterdam and London are my all time favs... shoppers paradise! I hope to finally see Australia this summer.

Drink Of Choice:

Zui: It's always a mojito. Just one and, forget about it, someone will be carrying me home. Lana knows first hand!

Lana: Vodka Redbulls all the way, but don't drink too many ughh.

Hangover Recovery:

Zui: Oh I don't recover. I just sleep all day and try to forget what must of happened the night before.

Lana: Cheeseburgers and Starbucks work wonders.

Where are your favorite hangouts in LA?
Zui: Toi Thai, mmmm that place is amazing. The fabric district because I'm a dork and I like to make clothes, so that's obviously my spot. And I like Melrose because I can spend a lot of money in one spot really quickly.

Lana: Sunset Strip for nightlife, Melrose and Hollywood for shopping - the costume shops there are perfect for shoot stuff! I don't know, I grew up in L.A. so it's not as magical for me.

What was the wildest party you've ever been to?
Lana: oh man, I've been to some crazy parties in my day. Fall Out Boy parties in Vegas always seem to take the cake though. Every time the guys are in town, they get a bowling suite and it gets insane. One night I ended up in the pool at the Palms with my brand new Betsey dress on, breaking champagne glasses on the floor with friends, while some people were throwing bowling balls into the ceiling, and rolling themselves down the lanes, the place was TRASHED but for some reason we didn't even get in trouble. Although I did end up with a gashed knee somehow. I believe it was all caught on tape too, how embarassing, I hope they burn it.

How did you spend New Years, did you make any resolutions and have you been keeping to them?
Zui: New years was insane for me! I can't really talk about it. As far as resolutions go, yes I have one. It is to be more badass than last year and obviously I'm keeping right on track.

Lana: My new years was spent at our hair stylist's place, we drank champagne and did some hair extensions and makeup, it was pretty chill. My resolution was to stay healthy, and I'm doing a fair job. No sugar, white flours, or artificial crap. I feel great and my skins never looked better!

What are your plans, hopes and dreams for 2008?

"We're going to be bigger and better. First ladies of rock and roll."

What's next for Trashy Life?
Zui: Lana and I are going to wreck some sh*t... we're going to be bigger and better. First ladies of rock and roll.

Lana: We definitely have some big plans in the works, but we're not that easy! You're going to have to wait and find out!

Get all the latest Trashy Crue news straight from Zui and Lana on their MySpace. (Photography by WhiteLight Imaging.)


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