Snippets Issue 10 : The Hangover Issue

Beauty Tips From Pin Up Girls

World famous pin up, Bernie Dexter shares her beauty and style secrets.

Beauty Tips From Pin Up Girls

By Bernie Dexter

Wardrobe & Style:

I have been a Rockabilly girl for 13 years and immersed myself in the culture. Music, home life and personal style!

I went to beauty college and learned all the classic techniques of hairstyling and make up. Nothing has changed with it other than trends, so it was very valuable training for a girl like me.

What I do when I get ready is, put on my favorite mix of rockabilly music, usually Levi Dexter, and start the beauty process. I learnt most of my techniques from watching my mother when i was growing up. She was a real glamourpuss - she even used false eyelashes!


I always do my make up first. I start out with a good moisturizer, then Mac studio make up and powder it down. I use Mac shadow to fill in the brows, then eyeshadow, blush, lip liner and then lipstick.

I like to do the top liner on the lid just before i put on my lashes, Hip gel liner by Laurel is amazing. Then mascara and I'm set. I LOVE Estee' Lauder mascara - Duo lash glue in clear is the best.


For hair, I just do a basic set with old fashion rollers for the smooth sily look. For the pin curled look with out the time and hassle, I actual pin curls with Hot Sticks! YES Hot sticks! Make sure you get those ends flat around the stick to avoid fish hooks! ;)

There is no set way of doing rolls or any pin up hairdo. I go by my mood and the way my hair feels like going - "go with the flow" to avoid frustration;)

Always remember to have fun - that is a lost art in itself!

You can find out more about Bernie, or pick up a pair of her signature heels, on her website.


Im A hug Fan Bernie Dexter love your art of pousing xoxo

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