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In Death We Rise!
I had this gross Twilight bag my friend gave me. Using it would be a sin so I jazzed it up into this custom bag. After turning the bag inside out I sewed all the red and green felt by hand, stenciled on the hands and then relocated the zipped pocket in the bag. Let me know what you think!

Sorry, no photos :(

Posted by z o m b i e from Toronto, Ontario, Canada • Published See z o m b i e's 5 projects »

  • Step 1

    Find a bag you'd like to use or make one from the many How-To's on this site. Since this is a zombie bag I used the inside of an old bag to make it more appropriate.

  • Step 2

    I had to cut out the zippered pocket from inside and un-stitched the corners to redo them on the opposite side. Now my inside was my outside.

  • Step 3

    Next I cut out ZOMBiE from felt and also blood from felt. I stitched some stitches into the lettering to give it that sewn together zombie look then used the same black thread to sew the blood and letters onto the bag by hand.

  • Step 4

    I went onto DA and found a picture of something that would suit the bags' theme and found a pair of awesome hands.

    No, I didn't do them myself and no, I'm not taking credit for them either. I just didn't save the think and I feel bad for not giving proper credit.

    Cut out the stencil the way you'd like.

  • Step 5

    Pin the stencil in place and use acrylic or fabric paint and dab it on with a sponge. Let dry and DOOOONE!

    Have fun!

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Flaaren · Caracas, Capital District, VE
i love it ! (:
Nicole Renee
Nicole Renee · Kansas City, Missouri, US · 16 projects
Killer! I want to try this! Isn't it a shame that all the nice messenger bags/purses they design are RUINED by Twilight. Such a shame.
WaterAngel · Marshall, Minnesota, US
I definitely wanna make one! I <3 Zombies~!
z o m b i e
z o m b i e · Toronto, Ontario, CA · 5 projects
So Lala: I found the stencil online on a website DeviantArt. GOTTA LOVE THE SITE! Thanks for all the comments.
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
Awesome Job! I wanna make one too. Happy
Scarlet-Begonias · Everett, Washington, US · 15 projects
What So LaLa said!
So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
awesome!! where did you get that hand stencil?? i would love to make one!!!
Zombie D.
Zombie D. · 10 projects
Ahhh! Super cute! I love zombies! This looks great!

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