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Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like large coasters
Ahh, Zelda. Many hours that I should have been doing homework I was instead trying save the kingdom from evil. Luckily I had a friend who was Zelda savvy and could help me do so. It's his birthday this month so I decided to make him some themed coasters as a sort of "thank you" for all of the time he helped me waste.

Each coaster is 22x22 (beads) with the exception of the tree, I missed a row so it is 22x21.
After the coasters were created and fused together (both sides) I backed each of them with gray felt, which I attached with spray-on adhesive.
All in all the project was pretty easy, but very tedious.

To be able to make clear and accurate replicas of items from Zelda I followed pixilated "Sprites" from here:
I just saved the ones I wanted to my computer then opened them and zoomed in as close as I could go. Each "square" that I could make out I counted as one bead. I started with the black outlines first and then filled in with colors. The part that took the longest was always the background color.

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ShanWow · Cleveland, Ohio, US · 5 projects
Awesome job! These are wonderful!
Marci S.
Marci S. · Springfield, Missouri, US · 6 projects
I'm working on a four swords set for myself. They're awesome! I'm running out of the colors, though... Thanks for the link to the sprites!

CO + K User

Awww, I remember making these. Happy

My niece's class was asked to make these at school last year... and to create their own design. She did a skull and crossbones, she's only 8. haha I don't think her teacher liked that too much. lol
Maja · Philippine, Zeeland, NL · 3 projects
i bet people would pay for that!

cool project Happy
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1428 projects
Those are awesome!
northernstar · Flateyri, Westfjords, IS · 35 projects
These are amazing! My boyfriend would love them. *adds to xmas gift list* thanks Happy
Rachel O.
Rachel O. · 4 projects

This is where you can find the Sprites. Just search by system and then by game.

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