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foresty minature forest :D

Haha I couldn't leave the last picture out...RAWR! x)

Make your own miniature forest! :D
I didn't know if it had a name but I couldn't find any miniature things just like this.
So I just made it without any example.

To begin I had to get some of the sides of, you don't need to do that, but I did because
I wanted to make some pictures from it without seeing the sides. But if you want to
cut the sides of with a saw. (I used a bread knife because I was lazy)

put the plastic in the crate and make sure you push the plastic nicely to the sides.
cut the rest of the plastic off and fasten the plastic to the crate until you have a nice plastic bottom for the water.
Put the big stones in the crate and put the moss over it. You don't want to see any sand so try to put the moss over those places.
Make a nice landscape of it with fern, branches and stones until you like it, but make sure there is a small piece left for the water. Remove the sand in the part where you're going to put the water in unless you want it to be dirty and carefully put the water in.

Make a paper boat, place some animals or do something else with it and you're done! :D

p.s. sorry for my bad grammar, if anything is written wrong please notify me.


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MissCoda · Melbourne, Victoria, AU · 3 projects
This is so coool, i would love to see another version of this
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
ooooh wooow i'm flabber gasted of it, sooo sweet and lovely and adorable to make , i will make this in Haarlem sooo sweet , like a tiny fairytail.
(super gaaf joh , echt geweldig, ben helemaal verliefd erop.)
thank you for sharing this great amazing cool sweet project.
lots of XO's;-D!!!!!!!!!!!
Denise T.
Denise T. · 7 projects
haha thanx ^^ I guess you could make a terrarium out of it if the animal can take it. Happy
David S.
David S. · South Bend, Indiana, US · 1 project
It's like a super terrarium!

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