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Witches Hat
This is a super easy and fast Halloween craft. My table needed one more thing and we didnt have a ton of cashola so I came up with this.
I did a few at a time and let the children decorate one of their own for their rooms. Kids LOVE these.

Posted by Teresa H. from Fort Polk South, Louisiana, United States • Published See Teresa H.'s 12 projects »

  • Step 1

  • Step 2

    Take old poster board and cut out a large cone shape with the bottom having a slight curve to it. Then another large circle that will be the brim of the hat.
    Fold the cone around into itself so you have a 3D cone shape. Use masking tape to secure. Then use masking tape again to secure the cone to the circle brim.

  • Step 3

    Next using your favorite paper mache paste, (you can find TONS of reciepes for this online)and lots of strips of paper start to cover your hat to firm it up. I like using old grocery bags because I think the brown paper makes a stronger end product. While it is wet you can bend down the top of the hat and shape the brim however you want to.
    Then set it out to dry. Our's took several days to dry competely.

  • Step 4

    Once it is dry you can paint it black. I found that flat spray paint gave it a really nice finish to work with. Then you can embelish it however you like. I used vintage ribbon, feathers, beads and copper wire. Have fun, I would love to see more versions of this.

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FoixyLady · Nottingham, England, GB · 4 projects
Loving the hat, and also the amazing altar you just happen to have for display purposes Tongue
What's in the bottle?
Kirsten B.
Kirsten B. · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 40 projects
Such a neat idea. Happy
Oh I love this SO much Teresa H. it looks so real! Happy

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