I am an independent thinker and avid crafter. To be happy I need to do something creative every day. I am a fence riding feminist who contradicts herself by enjoying the hell out of being a at home mother and wife.
One of my greatest passions is recreating things out of materials that are cast away. I love seeing new potential in old things.
Learning how to sew and crochet. Figuring out polymer clay and jewelry making. Decent cook and baker. Striving to be a good Mom and enjoying being a good partner to a wonderful wonderful man.
I am an easy going woman who is enjoying my journey into my forties. I was the hippie chic before it was cool but I am really enjoying the company now. 
I try and live my life by a few simple thoughts. Learn something new every day, Make the place where you are at slightly better than how you found it, Be kind always and Never ascribe to malice what can be explained with ignorance.
I am a very spiritual person but not religious. I love to laugh and make others laugh with me. Shit I feel like I am writing my own eulogy so I will stop here. 

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