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30 mins

mmmm so addicting!!!
A chocolate store down the street from me sells this for $6 a small bag. After I read the ingredients I knew I could make it at home.

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  • How to make popcorn. White Chocolate Popcorn - Step 1
    Step 1

    POP the popcorn kernels & REMOVE any unpopped ones.

    Melt the candy wafers. I use my electric fondue maker. So EZ & you don't worry about the chocolate getting burned!

  • Step 2

    Mix popcorn & melted chocolate together.Stirring so every popcorn is covered in yummy chocolate.

  • How to make popcorn. White Chocolate Popcorn - Step 3
    Step 3

    Spread out on waxed paper so chocolate can harden.
    Then bag it up or keep in a air tight container. I have no idea how long this last for... since we ate all ours in a day!

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Indefinitive · Edmonton, Alberta, CA
Made this... it's soooo good. I think I added too much chocolate, but a single bag of popcorn has lasted me a week so far. I only need a little bit to satisfy my sweet tooth.

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