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wheat-pasted posters will stay up until someone scrapes them off!
better than stapling. You can use wheatpaste to put your eye-catching flyers up on most any surface. This is a snazzy way to spread your message or just beautify the streets.
Im sure there are lots of crafty ways to use your own home-made paste but I have only ever used it for "graffiti"
A sense of humor is called for when designing a poster that will be viewed by anyone who walks by :-)

Posted by Kearyn Malia from Santa Cruz, California, United States • Published See Kearyn Malia's 2 projects »
  • Step 1

    Mix flour and water well. Make sure there are no clumps.
    Heat the mixture on your stove to a boil until it thickens. You may have to add more water of flour depending. You want it to be thick and clear. You may need to experiment to get the best consistency.
    Cook on low heat for about a half an hour, stirring regularly. You don't want it to burn.

  • Step 2

    Now that your paste is done its time to use it!
    When wheatpasting, having a friend is beneficial. One person to handle the paste and the other the poster. Also, you can watch each-others back.

    Smear a good amount of wheatpaste on your chosen surface, and some on the back of your poster. I like to use a fat wide paintbrush.
    Stick it up and apply another coat on top. make sure the corners and sides are especially well pasted so it wont be too easy for someone to destroy your art.

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Melissa S.
Melissa S. · Sterling Heights, Michigan, US
how strong is this glue? and is there anything it shouldnt be used on??
allie a.
allie a. · Los Angeles, California, US · 15 projects
It makes me so happy to know theres a tutorial on this! Happy
tai l.
tai l. · Tacoma, Washington, US
why would you want to use PVA glue, when you can make this basically for free? And trust me, wheatpaste works WELL, you try to rip the poster off, you get a little piece of paper, it takes a LOT of effort to get rid of it!
Grace D
Grace D · London, GB · 83 projects
Is this just like a thick and indestructible PVA glue?
Could you use this as a substitute??
Nayely E.
Nayely E.
Hahaha i used to eat this stuff. It works amazingly with paper mache (sorry for the spelling)
Nayely E.
Nayely E.
Hahaha i used to eat this stuff. It works amazingly with paper mache (sorry for the spelling)

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