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A small top hat I covered in fabric and embellished.
Well, this is my attempt at a mini top hat.

1. I had an entire design set up for this but alas ~ ended up doing something a bit different.
2. I hadn't thought through the ribbon running around the top edge. Because it suddenly started bunching up all over the place because it was overlapping itself, I started to use my thumb as a spacer and pinching it into little points so it looked deliberate.

And I would like to thank my very cooperative model Bob the Skeleton who wasn't happy about me taking his eyes and brain out for the photo but - pain is beauty right?

( Needless to say I don't think I'll be making these in the future because of how long this took, but I'm actually very happy with it and will get some other photos of it later to put up too I have a whole new respect for people that make these hahaha ).


Materials ->

- Thick Ribbon (Satin)
- Thinner Ribbon
- Hot Glue Gun
- Scissors
- Feathers
- Beads on a string thing
- Smart Craft Craft Glue
- White lace
- Fascinator clip
- Faux Roses
- Black miniature top hat

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