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Pirates of Covent Garden
I was asked by the lovely Darren Potter AKA Captain Jack Sparrow of Covent Garden and his beautiful accomplice Rosie Posie to make a Tia Dalma dress. After many hours of re-jigging patterns (a dress pattern and a corset pattern), fabric dying and painting, corsetry and hand stitching it finally is finished (took me from November to May to complete it, working on it sporadically in the evenings and at weekends. Haven't listed the materials as they are completely unrepeatable but I used for the over dress - curtain material (using the wrong side of the fabric to give a faded look), tassells from a cheap set of cushions dyed for the trim, torn up scraps of the skirt material for trim and frayed the edges. For the corset - a red stiff cotton throw lined with calico and boned to within an inch of its life (:-D) with steel bones, trimmed with more torn skirt material and a carp landing net! For the skirt - a stripey duvet cover, another throw, a table cloth, some calico and some weird net curtaining that was shrank and destroyed in my washing machine, trimmed with hairy knitting wool and some green tape knitting yarn!
Absolutely loved doing it and was so pleased when they posted the pics up on Facebook!:-D

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Maytag Suzanne
Maytag Suzanne · Rock Falls, Illinois, US · 21 projects
BREATHTAKING costume!!! (Both of you)

LOVE the dress, and the photos are great and yup, you look like true pirates Happy
Aconitum · Wallington, England, GB · 9 projects
this is the work of a true artist! love your way of grabbing a bit of everything and making it work how you want it to. PS i think it must me the real Jack Sparrow in the photo... he's too similar...
Janetrec · Aylesbury, England, GB · 5 projects
Thanks to everyone who liked this - you're very sweet Happy In answer to Michele C the patterns I mashed up were as follows:

Laughing Moon 100
for the corset but without a front opening, just the lacing in the back.

Simplicity 3809
for the underskirt but with extra layers of fabric added

and for the coat/overdress
Butterick 3640

Everything was adapted in some way for example because the corset needed to show I had to miss off the whole front of the overdress and then it fastens to the front of the corset with huge hook and eyes to hold it in place.

Just have fun with it and the dying was very hit and miss -good job it was meant to look raggedy!!!!
Spyderskiss · Willards, Maryland, US · 2 projects
I have thouoght about trying this myself and was wondering where you found the pattern for the dress itself. Love your use of draperys, throws and table cloth for all the patterns.
 Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow
it had to be a dress or nothing, I happen to have no dress in my cabin...lol

Thanks for all your hard work making this dress for my Tia
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
Wow great job! I think she should dirty/gorey up her makeup more if she wants to look more like her tho.

I fucking swear, that is really johnny depp! I cant believe how much he looks like him. Holy crap. ...does he sound like him too? If so, thats really scary. haha.
Ginger Snapped
Ginger Snapped · Sacramento, California, US · 31 projects
awesome and fantastic dont even describe how cool this is! love it
debbie b.
debbie b.
WOW!!!! you are fantastic!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did.I also make costumes but not as good as yours yet!
Sarah S.
Sarah S. · La Crosse, Wisconsin, US · 5 projects
Wow Captain Jack REALLY looks just like him...wow..Great job on the dress!

CO + K User

You did a splendid job! It looks wonderful! Happy
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