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The makeup routine for your busy days!
The makeup routine you need to keep in your arsenal for those days you have absolutely no time to do your makeup!

Posted by girllovesglam from Hailey, Idaho, United States • Published See girllovesglam's 7 projects »
  • How to create a natural eye makeup. Three Minute Makeup Routine - Step 1
    Step 1

    Moisturize your face. Put concealer under your eyes. Put a light coat of foundation on face, neck, and eyelids. Brush blush onto cheekbones. Pencil in eyebrows. Put a light coat of mascara on top and bottom lashes. Put a little color on your lips with just an easy coat of lipstick on your lips.

  • How to create a natural eye makeup. Three Minute Makeup Routine - Step 2
    Step 2

    Now you are ready to get out the door and go on with your busy day!

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i'm not understanding the point of this post! everyone knows if you're short on makeup time you either delete steps or you shorten steps! if they don't know that basic rule they probably are too young to wear makeup... So I think you had to come up with a 7th item to round out your list, and this post was pure filler junk, something to just fill in an empty slot. Please don't do that, it really questions the intelligence of your readers. i really like your 6 other posts on the list. p.s. promise you'll never ever ever wear your hair like this again. it is skinned back waaaay too tight, and it looks like a small furry creature is laying on top of your head. a simple, loose ponytail would be much more flattering on you for the days you're in a hurry. 'im jus sayin'
girllovesglam · Hailey, Idaho, US · 14 projects
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