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I'm Lindsey, and I'm just like your favorite Aunt that sends you handmade cards and amazing crafty things, except that I'm 24...

I craft a lot to help keep occupied between jobs, which is a common state for me because I move around so much to work harvests in the wine industry. I'm a total wine and chemistry nerd, but despite that, I've found that there is no job I've had from the lab to the restaurant to the wine cellar, that hasn't benefited tremendously from my (sometimes zany) bursts of creativity.

I started blogging about all of my creative projects to help get others, especially millennials, thinking more creatively - just for that little extra brightness inspiration can lend to your perspective. I love to crochet, create cards, and make anything of use - but on top of it all, I design things that are easy to replicate, affordable, and certain to give you a great DIY experience.

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