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Art for my living room, Escher celebration, embroidery
I actually have no idea how long this project has taken me to complete, I've worked on it on and off for almost two years. I like having my hands busy when in front of the tv, and if I want to listen to an audio book my sewing machines are too noisy :)

The embroidery is mainly chain stitch, also some backstitch where I wanted the line to be thinner. Unbleached linen and ordinary black embroidery floss. Some thin mdf with some thin quilt batting glued on, then the embroidered piece is folded round the mdf, pinned and then sewed in back.

The frames are actually sticks meant to use as kindling when making a fire. I've stained them black, glued them together two by two, attached them to each other by drilling some very tiny holes and tying them with some sewing thread; then gluing. The frames are attached to the mounted embroidery by drilling more tiny holes and sewing it on. Unnecessary, one might think, but the result is that the frame isn't actually touching the embroidered piece, there's a shadow of space between them. Airy. Nice.

The motiv is of course shamelessly stolen from M C Esher, some of his wonderful tesselations. They can easily be found on the 'net.

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Laura · Chandler, Arizona, US · 133 projects
I really love this, very nicely done!
Kristina F.
Kristina F. · 6 projects
Thank you very much Happy

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