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with sesame slaw & wasabi mayo

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  • Step 1

    Teriyaki Sauce

    Combine all ingredients and mix well.
    Make sure sugar has dissolved.
    (You could just buy some teriyaki, or use it as an excuse to buy some Sake to drink with your Burger!!)

  • Step 2

    Sesame Slaw

    Thinly slice the vegetables.

    Mix together the other ingredients apart from the sesame seeds.
    Add the dressing to the veg about 10 mins before serving, so it has a chance to do its thang with the veggies.

    Sprinkle sesame seeds into mix just before serving to retain their crunch.

  • Step 3

    Wasabi Mayo

    This can depend on how strong you like your wasabi.
    I’ll let you decide.
    Take some wasabi paste in a small bowl and add a dash of Japanese soy sauce & a dash of rice vinegar.
    Mix this well then start to add mayonnaise a little at a time to ensure there are no lumps of wasabi.
    Mix in the mayonnaise to taste.

  • Step 4


    When choosing your tofu, try and get some that is slightly rectangular.
    Cut the block in half, then turn each half onto its side and cut in half again (lengthwise this time)
    You should come out with 4 evenly sized pieces.
    Place tofu in the Teriyaki Sauce.
    If you have a non stick pan, use it!!
    Heat the pan to medium heat and pour in around 1 cm deep oil.
    Wait until hot.
    Remove tofu from the sauce and try to shake off excess liquid (be careful, if will break very easily)
    Gently fry the tofu pieces until they are a nice golden on both sides.
    Remove from the pan and place straight back into the Teriyaki sauce.
    The reason for the initial frying part is to try and remove some of the water inside the tofu. This can also be done by pressing the tofu overnight to squeeze out excees moisture.
    I prefer the frying method as I think it also adds a level of texture to the tofu.
    By placing it straight back into the Teriyaki, the tofu should suck up some of this sauce into where the water once was, thus getting the flavor all the way through it.

    The Tofu is now ready to be used when you are!
    Get your tomatoes and daikon sliced and your buns ..

    Get your non stick pan out again and put on medium heat.
    The tofu wont take long to reheat, so have your other bits ready to go (buns toasted, slaw and mayo made, tomatoes and daikon sliced)
    Pour a wee splooge of oil in the pan and fry the marinated tofu to reheat.
    Be careful at this point as the sugars in the teriyaki will burn easily.
    Turn the tofu as its heating and baste a couple of times with the teriyaki.
    Now set up your buns like this.. bottom to top.
    Wasabi mayo, tomato, tofu, pickled daikon, slaw, wasabi mayo.

    Get the rest of your Sake warmed (or chilled!) and enjoy!

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