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Temporary Tattoos

Extract from Microcrafts: Tiny Treasures to Make and Share • By Margaret McGuire, Alicia Kachmar, and Katie Hatz • Published by Quirk Books


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10 mins

Microcrafts by Margaret McGuire
Only the most careful observers will notice a pony-shaped beauty mark on your face or a raccoon crawling across your foot! But your mom has eyes like a hawk. With these temporary tats, you won’t risk being disowned. Getting inked is easy—and painless!—when special decal paper is put to the task

Posted by Quirk Books Published See Quirk Books's 32 projects » © 2024 Margaret McGuire / Quirk Books · Reproduced with permission.
  • Step 1

    Print your images using an inkjet printer and plain paper as a test run. When you’re satisfied with how they look, print the images on the glossy side of the decal paper. Print 1 sheet at a time to avoid jams.

  • Step 2

    Allow the ink to dry fully, about a few minutes. Remove the clear side of the adhesive sheet and apply it to the printed decal paper. Cut around each tattoo design.

  • Step 3

    Ink yourself! Choose a spot for your tiny tattoo. Remove the adhesive backing from the decal paper and apply it to your skin, pressing firmly for about 20 seconds. Use a sponge or cloth to wet the paper for 60 seconds and then peel away the paper to reveal the design.

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Dragoness · 28 projects
"Clear temporary-tattoo inkjet waterslide- Decal"
Do you have a name for decal paper? I've never heard of it.

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