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Teeny Tiny Knitted Bear
I love to create stuff, I like to use different mediums, I get really impatient with complicated patterns and long projects... solution: find a pattern and change it until it's unrecognisable! So there you have it, this goofy fellow is the 4th tiny bear that I've attempted, so without further ado (drum roll), meet (more drum rolls)... THE KNITTED NUTTER!

Knitted Nutter Pattern

Right, here it is. The whole thing was made up on the spot so be prepared for some improvisation on your side where my instructions are a little vague. I've not used anything fancy at all and the wool was whatever I had on hand with the thinnest needles I had.

Posted by Shazzcat from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa • Published See Shazzcat's 3 projects »

  • Step 1

    Cast on 3 stitches
    Knit 8 rows
    Cast off

    Cast on a new 3 stitches
    Knit 8 rows

  • Step 2

    Knit across all 6 stitches for 8 rows

  • Step 3

    Cast on 3 stitches at the beginning of this and the next row (now have 12 stitches)
    Knit 4 rows

  • Step 4

    Cast off 4 stitches at beginning of next two rows

  • Step 5

    Cast on one stitch at beginning of row for 12 rows
    Knit about 6 rows (this is the middle of the face so until it looks roundish)
    Cast off one stitch at beginning of each row until you have 4 stitches left and then cast those off

    That's the front of the bear. Do the whole thing again for the back.

  • Step 6

    Just 4 stitches however long you want them

  • Step 7

    Cast on 3 stitches
    Knit 2 rows
    Cast on 1 stitch at beginning of next 2 rows
    Knit that 5 stitches until you get the desired tongue length
    Cast off 1 per row for 2 rows
    Knit 2 rows
    Cast off

    There you have it.

  • Step 8

    Sew 2 sides together (with nicer side facing in) leaving gap at top of head for stuffing. If the head needs to be rounder, just stitch into it until you have the shape you want.

    Stitch on a piece of felt to the face area to assist with sewing on the facial features.

    Turn right way around, stuff and sew closed.

    Sew, stuff and close the ears (fold the long strip in half to make the ear) and stitch those on where they look the cutest. These can also obviously be more traditional bear shaped ears but I got tired of those.

    Cut out white felt circles and smaller black felt circles for the eyes, stitch those together and then onto the face.

    Cut out a mouth shape and sew the knitted tongue on, first facing it up (to hide the stitches) and then turning it down and sewing it flat.
    That's it. Hope it is okay, first attempt at writing a pattern.

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r. · 1 project
This is so cute!! I wonder if Ebony will make me one...
Letti Hatter
Letti Hatter
This is adorable!! =P
The Mad Hattress
The Mad Hattress · 5 projects
super cute!! wonder what it would look lke in pink..

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