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A few splatters of blood make this basic zombie response uniform the well worn shirt of an experinced zombie hunter!!!
I had gotten this shirt online a while ago, and was really dissapointed at how unflattering it was to my figure. (Ugh. I cant even look at the before picture without wincing.) Away it went in the closet never to be worn again.
Now, thanks to all the inspiration I've found on CO+K (and defiantly Cat Morley's tuts!) I ended up taking it out again and 'fixing' it.
I took off 4 inches in total, (2" on both sides) and when that wasnt enough, used my new best friend, (GAC 900) to turn my acrylic paints suitable for fabrics! It's amazing!!! Sooo soft too once it's been set in!
I love this shirt now and wont wait till the Zombie Walk in Fall. Im so going to wear this shirt at the first sign of warmth with my Chuck Taylors and a skirt. Just because Im off killing zombies doesnt mean I cant look pretty! <3

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