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10 mins

No obscure ingredients or beeswax!
I love anything with 3 ingredients or less! So many recipes have long lists of obscure items and need cooking. Yes, mine may be less solid or smooth but it works like a charm. oh and it smells great too! I get lots of compliments.

Combine ingredients and whip smooth. you could add a touch of vit E if you have it too. Scoop into an old lip gloss pot or, like I did, an empty candy/mint tin. A container that flips open is better because opening my tin can be a pain sometimes. Also one that is secure unless you want coconut oil spots in your purse/pocket. It softens n even melt in the heat so be careful. Putting it in the freezer, fridge, or any cold place helps.

This mixture is also good during dry, winter weather. I apply it to the tip of my nose or anywhere that's dry and flaky. Coconut oil can be used for lots of other things too. I got a 30 oz jar of organic, fair trade for $15 that will last forever : )

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