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Cute Snowman Shelf Decoration
Snowman is made with Fimo (any oven heated clay will work). I rolled 3 balls of white Fimo, graduated in size and attached them together. Then sprinkled them with diamond dust glitter. I used small amounts of colored clay for carrot nose and coal eyes and buttons and attached them to the clay balls. The sizes will all depend on the size of your snowman and dome that you have to fit it in. It help to roughen up the clay on the pieces where they will touch (attach) to help the small pieces stick to each other. Poke small holes for the twigs and remove them before baking. Roll a thin strip of green Fimo for the scarf and lightly place on the snowman. Place the decorated snowman (minus twigs), standing up in the oven for recommended time. After cooling, replace the small twigs for arms, gluing if necessary. Break a small piece of foam board so the interior of tiny balls of the foam are exposed and glue in place on the base of the dome. Make sure that the height of the snowman and the foam will NOT allow the snowman to touch the top of the dome. Glue the snowman to the foam. I also glued a tiny snowflake (bought trim)onto a small piece of celluloid (cut slightly larger than the dome diameter so it curves inside the dome) that I found and slipped it behind the snowman inside the dome, but you could use any tiny trim like a tiny piece of artificial pine and attach it around the snowman. You could also put your snowman into a glass jar or any clear container.

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