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A ring for a dollar!
A ring I made for my boyfriend for Valentine's day. Also I wanna state for the record that this isn't illegal, it's only illegal if I tried to use this as currency later on down the road. If you look careful at the pictures you can still see the printing that was on the coin before on the inside. The parts where I didn't sand it off at least. It's really hard to keep these perfectly round. And I have to have my dad drill out the center of it for me. But hey, that's what daddy's are for: saving all of us from when I attempt to use serious power tools.

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aranumenwen · Aurora, Illinois, US · 117 projects
You hammer on the edge of coin for literally hours, using a second hammer as kind of an anvil. Then you drill a hole in the middle and file that down, and then sand it and then make it all super smooth and you can make it even shiny and smoother than this one here. My boyfriend isn't clean cut at all so it wouldn't have been very fitting if I had. Its also possible to do it with pure silver coins, they're rare but totally worth turning into a ring. Can't accidentally loose or spend them that way. The one I made actually turns your finger green so it needs a clear coat around it. I just love the difference between the bronze and the silver that's already naturally in the coin. I started a new one out of a plain quarter not to long ago so I'll have process pictures for a tutorial soon. Which is the only reason this one isn't.
Dragoness · 28 projects
That is cool, how did you do it?

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