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wicked cool silent hill costume pyramid head tutorial to come soon!
so this was my halloween costume this year sorry i have no photos of me making it. It was fairly easy just a little time consuming

the mask i made was a pain to wear because i had to drink through a straw all night and it was really hot plus no depth perception BUT WAAAAYYYY WORTH IT!!!!


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  • Step 1

    first of the mask! by far the hardest part of the costume
    you start with a wig or bald manequin head and cover it with plastic wrap.

    now take a clean bowl and mix 1 part water to one part liquid latex

    now place a piece of toilet paper on the wig head dab the latex concoction on with the sponge (this gets a little messy so you might want to lay towels down and wear clothes you can get messy in) reapeat until the whole head is covered like paper mache now build up the tissue you can crumple it up to make a more textured look dont forget to leave an opening for one eye

    after it's quite thick leave it for a couple days to dry

    once it's fully dry cut a slit up the back and remove from wig head. remove plastic wrap try it on and carefully cut a slit for your mouth now place back on the wig head and paint

    i started with a grey greenish base and then added dark purple black and a few other colours

    now you are done your beautiful mask!

  • Step 2

    now for your dress
    i bought some slightly stretchy white fabric and used a simple dress pattern to make it then sinched it in and shortened it a bit

    to make it look like i've been in a hospital basement for 50 years i brewed some coffee (it was about 2am when i did this so i was in dire need of more coffee) drink the coffee!! yummy!! now lay out your dress...or in my case put it in the sink...and cover it with the leftover coffee grinds. let sit to dry
    you can do the same for your hat!
    your best bet with the hat aswel would be to glue it to the mask

    once dry lay out flat and paint with acrylic paints i used some dark red, brown, black and a rusty colour just stipple on with a brush then use your fingers to blend and smudge (pay extra attention to edges and seams they always look best a little darker

    use the acrylic to paint your shoes the same way as your dress

    almost done!!

  • Step 3

    now my mask didn't fit that well so i dyed some gauze the same as my dress and wrapped my face with it leaving my eye uncovered
    i painted the eye that would be exposed black so it wouldn't be that noticeable
    paint the rest of your exposed skin white and add some viens and your done

    don't forget to walk like a broken record and squeak a little

    now you sexy dead thing get out there and get haunting!!!!

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kistnerelizabeth · Springfield, Oregon, US · 1 project
HotPinkCrayola · Holmfirth, England, GB · 97 projects
Creepy as hell! I bet you got some right good reactions Happy
Michele G.
Michele G. · Manila, Metro Manila, PH · 16 projects
Humuhu · Dhaka, Dhaka Division, BD · 29 projects
AMAZING! I am wowed! :O
I hear Ramona sing
I hear Ramona sing
Krafty Kokatie
Krafty Kokatie · Orangeville, Pennsylvania, US · 20 projects
Lundora · Kokkola, FI · 8 projects
That's scary!

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