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Seize the moment; and never let it go.
Hi, I felt the need to share this scrapbook page. It's of My Great Grandmother's 98th birthday.
I share it because I want the world to know about her.
She's lived through many things; such as:
The great Depresstion,
The roaring 20's
World war 2
Pearl Harbor,
The Russian Revoltution (literally she used to tell me about reading about Anastasia Romonov being in the newspaper)
And so much more.

Plus she's traveled the world, I think she's been all over, I know she's been to China, Africa, I think Russia and Japan, England,Paris, everywhere!
She also taught me my favorite Card game: kings in the cornor.
I'm also sad because she's dying... The doctor said when someone's heart is functioning at 40% they have 5 or 4 months.
I'm trying to get the grieving over with. But it's hard to not miss such a great women
My Great Grandmother passed on 1/11/16

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