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Create your own fashion magazine, full of things you like, without the adverts or irrelevant content.


You Will Need

Almost Nothing
  • How to make a scrapbook. DIY Fashion Magazine - Step 1
    Step 1

    Start off with one of your favourite fashion magazines.

  • How to make a scrapbook. DIY Fashion Magazine - Step 2
    Step 2

    Flip through the magazine and when you find something that catches your eye, rip out the page.

  • How to make a scrapbook. DIY Fashion Magazine - Step 3
    Step 3

    Continue flipping through, ripping out the pages you like and placing them in the pile. When you've finished flipping, put the unwanted magazine to the side, ready to be recycled.

  • How to make a scrapbook. DIY Fashion Magazine - Step 4
    Step 4

    Cut the pages down, so that you're left with neat cut outs of the things you like.

  • How to make a scrapbook. DIY Fashion Magazine - Step 5
    Step 5

    Take a scrapbook and glue and fill up the pages with your cut outs.

  • How to make a scrapbook. DIY Fashion Magazine - Step 6
    Step 6

    Arrange the pages so that you have like with like. For example, by fabric, colour or type of garment.

  • How to make a scrapbook. DIY Fashion Magazine - Step 7
    Step 7

    You can do the same with hair and make-up styles.

  • How to make a scrapbook. DIY Fashion Magazine - Step 8
    Step 8

    Or do the same with interior design, art or decorating magazines.

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Hannah · Dronfield, England, GB · 1 project
I've made these for years! I've got 2 fashion folders (great for recycling your old school ringbinders), one notebook with all the interviews from my favourite band and one notebook with other band interviews and gig posters in it. I'm a big lover of magazines and hate throwing them away, it's great to do when you're bored and to get rid of some clutter!
Jen G.
Jen G. · Concord, North Carolina, US · 6 projects
This is a great way to organize and save space!
Emma Jayne
Emma Jayne · 1 project
This is a great idea! I've just started doing this myself..I'm hoping to carry out a Beauty Therapy NVQ in September & am really interested in make up, design and fashion make up and photography.. I use my scrapbook like a big journal of inspiration and stick in colours/wallpaper samples/bits of fabric/buttons/my own photos/things I find etcc... Happy
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
XD I also make my own.
I cut out things i want & like in fashion magazines & glue them to paper & put them into a 3-ring binder. And i put them into categories like Jewelry/Accessories, Fashion/Clothes, Hair & Makeup...with page-dividers w/ tabs.

Then i just oogle through it when i get bored, cuz i cant afford any of it. lol
It helps me come up w/ ideas to diy stuff too.
Ma V.
Ma V.
what a great idea!!! i never thought of it.
im always looking for something to keep myself busy
and this will really keep me busy!!!

love the idea!!

Leah S
Leah S · 11 projects
coolies.....i would love a book but I use the cool pics and put them on my walls ^W^
Janet · 2 projects
This is totally awesome.
When you're uninspired you can just flip through it and become inspired
Brittknee · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 3 projects
I love doing this. I have an old composistion journal that I use.
Queen.Of.Dorks · United Kingdom, GB
awesome idea!
im going to make one of these def.
elle t.
elle t.
what a great idea!

sometimes when i feel the need for retail therapy or update my look i suddenly feel helpless in the mall. this project will make things easier!
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