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Extract from Baking Bad • By Walter Wheat • Published by Orion Books


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40 mins

We’ve all been there, you’ve seen a decapitated head
turtle bomb go off and now you’re having another
panic attack. Take your mind off things with one of
these these D-E-A-licious beer brownies, home-baked
to silky perfection.

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© 2019 Walter Wheat / Orion Books · Reproduced with permission. · ‘Baking Bad’ by Walter Wheat is published by Orion in hardback at £9.99 (also available as an eBook).
  • Step 1

    Do what you’re gonna do
    Preheat the oven to 350F/180°C/165°C fan assisted/gas
    mark 4. Line an 8”x10” (or 9” square) tray bake tin with
    baking paper

  • Step 2

    Use this time to go to the toilet and…... hang on...… it
    was you all along, you son of a bitch!
    Return with a renewed sense of purpose and put all
    the ingredients into a large mixing bowl, beating
    together well

  • Step 3

    Pour the mix into the prepared tin and bake. How
    long? You’re the smartest guy I ever met and you
    can’t tell these are going to take 25-30 minutes
    (depending on how chewy you like your brownies)
    Let the brownies cool in the tin then turn out, cut
    into squares, and serve (justice)



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