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super great!
well i had two old shirts that i didn't wear anymore, so i made them in to a new shirt to wear! pretty much just started cutting and hand sewing all of the pieces together... the buttons were already on one of the shirts so i just cut the strip of them out and then cut out strips from the striped shirt to make the ruffles and sewed them together, sewed that to the top part of the shirt, added a little elastic, sewed the top stripey part to the bottom black part and viola! a new tube top=)

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You Will Need

  • Step 1

    ok. first off, find two old shirts that you dont wear anymore {the black shirt i used already had the elastic in it & the row of buttons}. so cut the top off of one of your shirts so that its right under your boobies and as long as you want it to be and this will become the bottom of your shirt.

  • Step 2

    now with your other shirt, cut out a section that fits over your boobies [with enough fabric to sew some elastic on top and sew it to the other shirt]. got it? make sure they wont fall out. ok good. and also cut out two other strips about ehhh i dont know like 5 inches or so, however thick you want your ruffles to be and as long as the top part of the shirt that you just cut out plus a few inches more for the ruffling. {p.s. sorry these arent precise im not much of a measurer...}

  • Step 3

    alright next find as thick elastic as you would like (i used like a 1/2inch i believe) and hold it around you where you want the top of your shirt to hit. make sure you stretch it out a lil while you're doing this so that your shirt will stay up, then form a casing at the top and put your elastic through. sew the ends of the elastic together aand the hole you put your elastic through.{that's just the way i did it; im sure you can just sew the elastic to the shirt if you would like}

  • Step 4

    mmmkay well now you can either take your row of buttons already made or you need to make your own row of buttons. so just measure like the length of the top of your shirt and make a strip of fabric that length plus extra for ya know when you sew the shirt together. then take that strip and sew buttons on it i have three on mine i'm sure you can put as many as you want any colour, size, shape whatevaaaa.

  • Step 5

    alright. now you need the row of buttons and the two strips of fabric you cut out for the ruffles. take the two strips for the ruffles and kinda like scrunch them together like an accordian {i put a hem on one side of each strip that will be the outside edge}. then take a needle and thread and push it through one edge of the fabric accordian {the unhemmed side}just so it holds that accodianesque shape. make sure the thread is long so that now you can stretch the fabric out. so stretch them out to the length of your row of buttons. got it? you should be seeing the ruffle shape now.

  • Step 6

    alllllright now take the two sides of the ruffles then pin and sew them to your row of buttons. i did all of my sewing by hand, but i'm sure you can use a machine to do it or whatever but i like to feel like Betsy Ross. now you should have your whole button row/ruffle combo going on. just take that and sew it to the top of your shirt.

  • Step 7

    OMGGGGG almost done... because all you have left to do is sew the top of your shirt to the bottom of your shirt {if your bottom shirt didnt already have elastic, you may want to sew some in there} and put it on model it in the mirror and look hottttt=) sweet well i hope you understood all of that! any questions? just ask i'll try and help best as i can =)



Mai · Fort Walton Beach, Florida, US · 15 projects
This dress is the cutest. And BTW, I love your tattoo... <3 <3 <3
Panda-Goes-Rawr · 5 projects
I think I should make one hehehe Tongue
So cute!
I love it!
Becky M.
Becky M. · 68 projects
thats the sexist dress ever! i totaly want one.
MischievousMelanie · Payne, Ohio, US · 13 projects
yesss girl, the bottom part i used totally already had elastic in it!
SlashGashTerrorWhore · 3 projects
Okay, question. The bottom (black) part. Did yours have elastic in it at the part where you sewed it onto the striped part?
Jaimie J.
Jaimie J.
love it <333333
cockyBEEnaughty d.
cockyBEEnaughty d.
1st of all... this is really cute, thanks for the tutorial!! 2nd it would have helped if you had pics but i think ive got it.

thanks alot..

Lovette'sz-xoxo · 15 projects
this is so freaking cute!

i'd love you if you put up a basic how-to :$
or even just how to do the ruffle part !
Shelbi D.
Shelbi D.
Can you post some more detailed steps or some pictures of the creative process?
I'm new to crafting and using a sewing machine but this idea is sooo super cute and I would love to make one of my own.

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