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How to dreadlock your hair!
Firstly, I've had dreadlocks twice. Once with long dreads and once (here) with short dreads. So, from experience, I'd like to dispel a few dreadlock myths....

Wrong. Infact, you need to wash your hair regularly! If you don't wash your dreads, the grease makes the knots slip out. Plus you get a smelly head. And fewer friends.

Also wrong. You just need clean, dry hair and lots of knotting. The point of a dreadlock is to matt the hair into matted locks of whatever length and width you like.

Wrong as well. Both times I had dreads I brushed them out. I wont lie, it took a LOT of time and effort, but it's possible. You need lots of conditioner and patience! You will need to start from the tips and tease apart the dreads (it helps to cut the dreadlocks a LITTLE bit shorter in order to start the process) and begin adding conditioner as you tease. Slowly but surely the hair will come apart and you will be able to begin brushing it straight. It WILL take longer than it took to first dreadlock the hair. Or you could cheat and shave your head ;-P

SO! This tutorial shows me dreading medium length hair so the dreads came out shortish and only took 5 hours. I kept my fringe/bangs and had a green undercut and added beads for fun. But remember you can do whatever style you want: Chunky dreads or slender dreads. Natural colours or dyed crazy colours. Long or short. Just take the time to do it properly.

Finally, dreadlocks take a lot of maintenance in the first few weeks and months, so only dreadlock your hair if you are serious about it. There's nothing worse than spending hours and hours dreadlocking your hair only to find that you can't be bothered looking after them. However, after about 6 months dreadlocks are extremely easy to look after.

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  • How to make a dreadlock / fall. Real Dreadlock Tutorial - Step 1
    Step 1

    ~ Get your dreadlock wax (I used KnottyBoy, but even beeswax will do if you wish to be 'all natural')

    ~ Get your comb (I used a metal comb with fine teeth, but a dreadlock comb is also great)

  • How to make a dreadlock / fall. Real Dreadlock Tutorial - Step 2
    Step 2

    ~ Wash, dry and brush your hair but DO NOT USE CONDITIONER!

    ~ Start sectioning your hair. I wanted chunky, shortish dreads so I did large sections. A good way to gage how thick each dread will be is to twist the lock/chunk of hair and it will be roughly double the size, but almost half the length.

    ~ Section from the back. This way your worst, beginner dreads won't be seen as much!

  • How to make a dreadlock / fall. Real Dreadlock Tutorial - Step 3
    Step 3

    ~ To make a dreadlock, take a section of hair (remember to start at the back) and begin to backcomb it with the metal comb. Keep on backcombing until the hair is completely knotted. It should puff out at a right angle!

    ~ Then begin to 'roll' the section of hair between your palms vigourously! As you roll, the puffy knot of hair will begin to elongate and you will see the dreadlock beginning to take shape.

    ~ Now take a small amount of dreadwax - about a pea size per inch of hair - and rub it into your palms to warm it up. Then 'roll' the wax into the dreadlock. Try to roll evenly from root to tip, letting the wax matt deep into your hair.

    ~ Now you have your first dreadlock!

  • How to make a dreadlock / fall. Real Dreadlock Tutorial - Step 4
    Step 4

    ~ Dreading your hair is very time consuming, but persevere! Working upwards, dread after dread, backcombing, rolling, waxing and re-rolling each one.

    ~ This WILL take hours, even with shorter hair. Obviously long hair = long dreads = LOTS of backcombing and rolling!

  • How to make a dreadlock / fall. Real Dreadlock Tutorial - Step 5
    Step 5

    ~ When you are done, give your arms a well earned rest! There is still more to do....

  • How to make a dreadlock / fall. Real Dreadlock Tutorial - Step 6
    Step 6

    ~ Each day you must roll your dreadlocks! In the first few weeks this is essential to keeping them matted and shapely.

    ~ Don't be scared to give them a good backcombing again when one is coming lose.

    ~ Add more wax if and when they get dry, but don't cake them in the stuff! That will result in very sticky dreads.

    ~ Wash your hair at least once a week and DON'T USE CONDITIONER as this makes the knots slip out. I recommend a dreadlock shampoo as it will nourish the hair, keep dreadful dandruff at bay and smells divine. You can get dreadlock shampoo from a bottle or in a bar (like a bar of soap).

    ~ Your dreadlocks will thrive with the more effort you put in. It will take several weeks of rolling every day before the hair starts to properly dread. After 2 months they will be rounder and smoother. After 6 months they will be PERFECT and take hardly any work to maintain.


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MissRaynaLee · Santa Ana, California, US · 2 projects
im sorry but these arent that great of dreads if youwant nice dreads that last youshould not use wax and these look like you didnt tighten them well enough
This is a great way to do dreads without using proper hot wax and making them permanent. I do my mums dreads with hot wax, and have done mine in the past using this tutorial and it worked great Happy
Lady Lish
Lady Lish · London, Ontario, CA · 6 projects
mistake one.... dread wax!!!!

Tip its not going to kill your hair but you have to be careful about mold, build up, if you get it out of your hair just palm roll it and tighten it every other day
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
aw u look good with them, specially with the green hair. Happy
I love dreads & almost dreaded my hair this year also (but changed my mind). I really dont like or recommend wax tho. :/
Supernova's Child
Supernova's Child · Lisbon, Lisbon, PT · 98 projects
Awww....you're adorable! I love this tutorial and your cool hair. Happy

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