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Based on Random Wax Sculpture Candles by nomble
My friend Rosanne, wanted 2 have a go at this, and so did I!
So we bought some wax crayons and gathered everything else 2gether we would need!
We had a pan to put the candle in once we'd melted the wax round it, but alas it wasn't big enough.....I know fill the kitchen sink!That'll work!
So everything was ready we had our cuppa tea and set off to make these!
It took us a couple of goes to get the idea of how 2 do it....although the wax didn't go as high as we wanted it 2!
Lets mix all the colors 2gether!I used 2 melt crayons over my dad paraffin heater 2 make candles when I was a kid!(Dare I say the never worked....but who cares, it's the learning curve that matters!)
So here we go all them crayons in one tub!The color was awful, but we had come this far and it was our first go!It just didn't get any better!THE COLOR I mean!It looked more like something my dog would do, or the mop I left outside 4 a month!
My friend Roseanne was very quite....I know why!She was wetting herself laughing!The cat even gave us funny looks!
We haven't been put off!There is gonna be a next time!Only we will use colored candles (crayon wax is too brittle we think)
So from our afternoon of creating UGLY we have worked out a couple of things candle wax is best!

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