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Norwegian Knitting Designs
The sweater is knitted in the round up to the shoulders, and then cut open for the neck and armholes. The pattern can be knitted in two colors and the details in other colors can be embroidered in later with duplicate stitch.

S/M (M/L)
Total circumference: 44 (45 3/4) inches 112 (116) cm
Total length: 21 1/4 (23) inches 54 (58) cm
Sleeve length: 19 (19 1/4) inches 48 (49) cm

Rauma Finull yarn (100% pure new wool about 175 meters per 50 g) from Rauma Ullvarefabrikk:
black (436) 350 (400) g
blue (467) 300 (350) g
turquoise (484) 50 (50) g
olive (476) 50 (50) g
brown (422) 50 (50) g
red-brown (423) 50 (50) g
Needles: circular and dpn 2 (3 mm).

Gauge: 26 sts and 32 rows = 4” x 4”/10 x 10 cm in stockinette st and pattern.
Be sure that your gauge is correct! Change to larger or smaller needles ifnecessary.

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© 2022 Margaretha Finseth / Search Press · Reproduced with permission. · ‘Norwegian Knitting Designs’ by Margaretha Finseth ISBN: 9781782217121 RRP Price: £15.99 Publisher: Search Press Available from www.searchpress.com
  • How to stitch a knit or crochet sweaters. Princess Line Sweater - Step 1
    Step 1

    Chart A shows the body front and back;

  • How to stitch a knit or crochet sweaters. Princess Line Sweater - Step 2
    Step 2

    Chart B shows the entire sleeve. On the body, the sizes are marked with arrows and dark lines. Follow the arrows and marking lines for your size. The parts of the chart with white background color are not used for the sizes in this pattern but show how the pattern can be widened.

  • Step 3

    With black and circular ndl 2 (3mm), CO 300 (308) sts; join. Working in the round, rib K2, P2 in the following color sequence: 1 (1) rnd black, 3 (4) rnds blue, 2 (2) rnds brown, 2 (2) red-brown, 2 (2) turquoise, 8 (12) blue, and 2 (2) rnds black. Then knit 1 rnd with black and, at the same time, dec to 274 (282) sts with decs spaced evenly around. Place a marker at each side, with 137 (141) sts each for the front and back. Continue, following chart A for the pattern: K1 st blue (= side st); beginning at the arrow for your size on the right side, knit to the arrow on the left side (= front), K2 blue (= side st). Beginning at the arrow on the right side again, knit the sts for the back, ending with 1 st blue (= side st). The 2 blue sts on each side are always knitted with blue and not worked in pattern for the entire length. Dec 1 st at each side of the side sts (= 4 decs per rnd) on every 4th (3rd) rnd and then every 3rd rnd 10 times, then once after 3 rnds and finally once after 4 rnds = 222 (230) sts for the waist. Knit 5 rnds after the last dec and then begin increasing. Inc 1 st on each side of the side sts on the next rnd, then every 3rd rnd 3 times and, finally, every alternate rnd 14 (15) times = 294 (306) sts for the chest. Continue following the pattern on the chart until the total length is reached. BO in knitting for the shoulders at the arrows for your size.

  • Step 4

    With black and dpn 2 (3 mm), CO 88 (88) sts; join. Working in the round, rib K2, P2 in the following color sequence: 1 (1) rnd black, 3 (4) rnds blue, 2 (2) rnds brown, 2 (2) rnds red-brown, 2 (2) rnds turquoise, 6 (9) rnds blue, 2 (2) rnds black. Then knit 1 rnd with black and, at the same, dec to 83 (83) sts with the decs spaced evenly around. Continue, working the pattern on chart B, with 2 blue sts centered at the underarm and not worked in pattern. Inc 1 st at each side of the 2 blue underarm sts as shown on the chart (the same for both sizes). Finish the pattern when the total length measures about 19” (19 1/4”)/48 (49) cm. Continuing with black, knit 1 rnd then begin working back and forth. For the facing, work 6 rows in stockinette with the wrong side facing out. BO.

  • Step 5

    Lightly steam the pieces on the wrong side. Baste a line for the neckline in an even arc – it should be about 2 3/4” (3”)/ 7 (7.5 cm) deep at the center of the front, 3/4”/2 cm deep at the center of the back and 9” (9 1/2”)/23 (24 cm) wide. Be sure that the rest of the sts for the shoulders are even on each side. Machine-stitch just inside the basting thread and then sew a zigzag line just inside the seam. Wait to cut the neck opening until the neckband has been knitted! Mark the width for the sleeves at each side from the shoulders downwards and baste. Machine-stitch two lines on each side of the basting thread, a straight line, then a zigzag and cut between them.
    Use duplicate stitch to embroider the details at the center of the front, and on the back and sleeves as shown on the chart. Sew the shoulders together. Sew in the sleeves on the wrong side, using backstitch. Turn the facing to the inside over the raw edges and sew it loosely on the wrong side.
    Neckband: With blue and circular ndl 2 (3 mm), pick up and knit 124 (128) sts; join. Working in stockinette, knit 1 rnd with black and, at the same time, dec 1 st on each side of the shoulder seams (= 4 sts decreased on a rnd). Dec in the same manner on every other rnd another 3 times, knitting in the following color sequence: 1 rnd blue, 1 rnd brown, 1 rnd red-brown, 1 rnd turquoise and 2 rnds blue. Continue with blue in K2, P2 ribbing until the neckband measures a total of 4”/10 cm. However, when the band measures about 2 3/4”/7 cm, inc 2 sts at each shoulder seam every other rnd, 4 times. BO loosely. Neatly cut the neck opening, turn the neckband in half to the wrong side and sew it loosely over the raw edges. Lightly steam the whole sweater under a damp cloth.

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