I'm C.J. and I live in a tiny village in the south of The Netherlands.
My favourite crafty weapons of choice: (knitting) needles, yarn, embroidery thread and fabric.
But that doesn't stop my closets from being crammed with other crafty goodness, such as polymer clay, paints, beads, needle- and wet-felting supplies, cardboard, paper, and dissected bags, all lovingly saved for that "perfect project" that is sure to come along some day...
Oh, and craft books, loads and loads of craft books, because you can never have too many of them, right?
Most of it was bought at fleamarkets and garage sales, so I don't have to feel too guilty budget-wise ;)
I hope to be posting projects, but I often feel my ideas aren't really good enough to be of use to anyone lol, so we'll have to wait and see Happy
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