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Danville, Virginia, US
Stretchy Knits Granny Square Quilt/Throw Cover
Super Easy Grocery Tote Bags
Easy To Make Hair Scrunchies
Hanging Wall Pockets From Old Jeans
Pleated Totes

Sew Take A Hike was my inspiration to make these bags.
It was confusing at first until I started to put it together but then it became easier as I went along.I made longer straps and added an inside pocket on the Indian print and divided into 2 sections,also added fringe at the bottom of the bag.
The red "bear" print was the first one I tried and then after I figured it all out,I decided to make the Indian one for my grand daughter who loves Indian stuff.

It was a fun project and now I have become addicted and have another one cut out and ready to sew.
It took some searching to find this tute but it's by far the easiet one I have found so check it out guys!
I hope I posted all this right.need any help just let me know,ok?
Have fun!:)
ps: sorry the pics are so fuzzy..I'll try to do better next time..it's my webcam pics.
I'm back to add a few more pics of some more of these bags I've been working on.I made a few adjustments such as wider handles,lining,and an elastic/rubber hair band cut to make a loop,and a big pretty button for clousure.
Some are from when I started making these and some are now.
Once again I apologize for the poor picture quality but hope you can see them ok
The large bag is my newest,I just added 1" all around the pattern and cut it out.This one is made from some uphostery material I found at the thrift store. It's heavy tweed like fabric and I added a gold silky lining with pocket inside divided into 3 sections.
I also attached my handles at the top of the bag where the pleats are instead of at the very top.Then after finishing the top of the bag I folded up the handles and sewed across the top as I top stitched it all the way around.It makes for a sturdier bag and adds loops for extra place to hang things like keyrings,etc.
A few of them have velcro closure,made before I changed the design.
These bags are a snap to make!

here's the tute from the site where I found my inspiration.
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you but I had to learn the copy&paste thing!
Thanks for looking..enjoy!

Butterflies And Fruit Pleated Tote

Butterflies And Fruit Pleated Tote

Butterflies and Fruit Pleated Tote

♥ 549
Plaid Pleated Purse

Plaid Pleated Purse

just another plaid pleated purse

♥ 2
Pleated Tote Bag

Pleated Tote Bag

A fast, cute bag for all occasions.

♥ 289
S. Kimura Hobo's

S. Kimura Hobo's

S. Kimura Hobo's * Pic Saturated*

♥ 8
Penny's Tote

Penny's Tote

a tote using pennys tute,

♥ 20
Skull Sunflower Pleated Bag

Skull Sunflower Pleated Bag

Skull and sunflower pleated bag

♥ 44


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