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A very stiff drink for a very long week!
WARNING: Very stiff drink ahead. It’s basically pure alcohol.

The boyfriend insisted that we begin to mentally prepare for our long weekend by having a good stiff drink to start. This is one of his favorites, and while I'm not the biggest fan even I can agree that it has its merits. Be warned though, this features a few specialty items that you probably don't have in your bar at home, but they can be easily substituted for something with a similar flavor profile. No need to be picky!

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  • How to mix a bourbon cocktail. Pascal's Wager  - Step 1
    Step 1

    Put a small dash or so of Absinthe in your glass to give it a rinse, make sure that you swirl it all around in the glass so that it touches all the surfaces. Then combine your Bourbon, Benedictine and bitters in a shaker and shake well over ice. Pour your spirits into a martini glass and add a couple of drops of lemon at the very end. Slice off a piece of lemon rind and rub along the rim, then throw into the drink. Serve.

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