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Cute Panda Nails
So my brothers girlfriend offered me her nails for a manicure I've been wanted to try for a while. It turned out really cute and I love it!

It's simple to make and only takes time because you need to let everything dry in between.
You can do it by using only nail polishes as well but I find it just takes too long to dry and acrylic paint does a good job.

-Start with a base coat to protect your nail.
-Then take the white nail polish and paint a circle going off the tip of your nail. You might need two coats.
- Using a dotting tool (or pearl headed sewing pin like me) put 2 big dots for the ears and 2 smaller ones for eyes in black.
- Then add a smaller white dot inside the black eyes.
- Add a small dot black dot for the nose
- use a toothpick to then add a tiny dot of white inside the eye and the Panda will come alive.

As the bow goes on top of black ear you will need to make a white base to paint on.
- Using the dotting tool add a white dot, then using the paintbrush draw 2 white triangles on each side forming a bow shape.
- Once dried, repeat the same step in red, or whatever colour you want your bow to be in.

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