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Shenley, England, GB
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Christmas Wreath
Christmas Tree Cupcakes
Mini Super Hero
Transform a plain tote

I bought a bulk lot of tote bags from ebay...why I dont know! :P They are fairly poor quality although perfect for me to test my painting skills on.

I made the I heart Nerds bag for a friend who loved it!

The elephant one(if you can see it) came about from searching for an elephant template for the elephant bag inspired by Prettykittyfire. I used a sponge for the sunset, I messed it up a bit but still like it! :)

Question for anyone else who uses fabric paint.....I put cardboard wrapped in cling film inside the bags to stop it going through or sticking to the cardboard. However I now have cling film stuck to parts of the paint that I just cant get off. So what do you put inside to stop the paint going through?


Printed Shopping Bag

Printed Shopping Bag

stamp your design on anything

♥ 8
Sex And The City Bag

Sex And The City Bag

Stencil painted SATC bag with lace

♥ 6
Revolver Stenciled Bag

Revolver Stenciled Bag


♥ 10
Batik Print Tote

Batik Print Tote

my newest

♥ 3


100% individual bag

♥ 15
Simple Stenciled Tote Bag

Simple Stenciled Tote Bag

A simple silhouette is easy to cut out and provides an elegant and personal touch to a bag.

♥ 5


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