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A creative way to spruce up boring indoor garden pots!
Have you ever just glanced over at your gardening space, loved the luscious green foliage but hated the bland pots in comparison?

Well today is perfect for you!

I bring to you a few fun and whimsical pot inspiration with a few tips to replicate my designs!

The first one requires little skill level as it is just a few painting techniques

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  • How to paint a painted flower pot. Painted Garden Pots - Step 1
    Step 1

    This "cottage chic"design is achieved by first sealing your terracotta pot in order to keep water in and paint chemicals out.
    Next, spray on a nice crackle medium *I only applied this under the rim
    Secondly, Paint on your color of choice (mine being a bright blue)
    Finally, seal with a matte spray and you're finished!

    *Please let dry before trying to plant anything

  • How to paint a painted flower pot. Painted Garden Pots - Step 2
    Step 2

    The next design requires slightly more painting ability (equivalent to a three year old, you got this)If you couldn't tell, I was inspired both by the Super Mario mushrooms, and also by the cute, legendary German mushrooms said to bring good luck and happiness similar to Garden Gnomes

    This design was painted on a much smaller pot and one made of plastic so a sealer was unneeded.
    For this I simply used acrylic craft paint and painted the top half red and the bottom half white.
    I then used my finger to dab little spots to create the polka-dot effect.
    Finish with a sealer and you are a rock star ready to grow a few inches (of plants that is, please do not eat this pot)

  • How to paint a painted flower pot. Painted Garden Pots - Step 3
    Step 3

    The next design was super simple to create. You could either freehand the design (as I did) or create a freezer paper stencil.I was inspired by the Honeybee Journals (available in my shop!)and decided to create this adorable bee.

    I simply sketched the design using a pencil, filled it in with acrylic paint, and sealed it!

  • How to paint a painted flower pot. Painted Garden Pots - Step 4
    Step 4

    This last pot is intended for those with tons of extra free time and a skilled artistic hand.To start this design, I found a picture of a Sugar Skull I liked, and sealed the terracotta pot.
    Next, using a pencil, I sketched out the shape of the skull and any other outside swirls I felt in my heart to add.
    Then, I sketched in areas for the eyes, nose, and mouth.
    Next, I added smaller details such as teeth and ivy branches.
    After choosing a great contrasting color and super tiny paintbrush, I painted over my pencil sketch to reveal the pot above!
    Seal before outside use and this pot is ready for any Dia De Los Muertos Celebrations!

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