Marie Brian learned how to stitch when she was young and fresh and idealistic. Then she forgot all about it for twenty years until she joined a Stitch & Bitch group hosted by her friend, Yvette Beaudoin -- founder and creator of HappyValleyCrafters.com. Stitching, as it turns out, is a muscle memory, and Marie quickly picked up the old skill, got tipsy, and adapted her craft to fit her subversive sense of humor and her off-kilter viewpoint of the world. Rechristening herself as The Cotton Floozy, Marie opened an Etsy store and a blog and watched in shock while people actually seemed to like her weird embroidery samplers. The Cotton Floozy’s embroidery works can be purchased at her Etsy store, at Leia Bell’s fabulous store Signed & Numbered in Salt Lake, and at the best alternative-craft festival in the world! -- Craft Lake City (held annually every summer in SLC.)

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