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5 mins

No sewing required!
Sorry the photo's are bad!

I will post a 'How To' shortly, it's unbelievably easy and quick, just a few folds and you have a bag.

Created by Furoshiki, look them up on You Tube for amazing video's! They have great tutorials for more origami bags in different styles.

I couldn't find the original tutorial i had but i found one that is very easy to follow by Bobowrapper, again on You Tube.

The flower i have added is from the same fabric i used for the bag and again is done simply by folding and i stitched the end to hold the flower together and then safety pinned on to the bag!

My tip: the thicker the fabric the more difficult it is to work with, soft silky fabrics, especially scarves are perfect for this project. I used an old piece of cotton and it was a bit thick for what i wanted, however it did give me a sturdier/stiffer bag which held it's shape better. :D

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Please post a tutorial!

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