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A cute (very blue) make-up tutorial good for any occasion :D BTW blue is my FAVE colour!
I am using the claire's high pearl palette for this look but if you have the high pearl eyeshadows in the particular colours i mentioned then thats fine to :) You can flick through the photos I have put up on this How-to for a picture of the palette I used. And yes I am in my PJ's!!

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You Will Need

  • Step 1

    First start with a very light blue on the very bottom of your eyelid

  • Step 2

    Next take a light green and very lightly smooth it across the top of the blue.

  • Step 3

    Next take a medium blue and dust it right underneath your eyebrow- on your brow bone. P.S This may seem stupid now but trust me it helps complete the whole look!

  • Step 4

    Now take a medium green colour and dust it on the outside corner of the light green and the light blue.

  • Step 5

    Now take a dark navy blue and dust it on top of the light green.

  • Step 6

    Finally take a matte white and go over the very top off the blue across your brow bone.

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Heather D.
Heather D. · 2 projects
I'm not going to pull the ''you're too young to wear makeup'' line - it is kinda your choice, and if your parents are happy with you wearing makeup, then you can really do what you choose. That, and your tutorials are really good - its nice to see some more wearable looks, and not just all costumey/halloweeny!
But can I offer one piece of advice? Next time, don't run the colour up your lids so far - when the colour starts to hit your eyebrows, it kinda looks like you don't know what you're doing a little bit (which is silly, because you clearly do!). The blue colour is really nice on you - makes me a little jealous; I'm 22, and I have really light blue eyes, and any blue makes my eyes look really dull Happy I can wear pretty much every other colour, but blue makes me look so dull - I might try this look with purple, and see how it looks!
osnapitzrachel B.
osnapitzrachel B.
Hey I am 11 turning 12 and I love practising doing make-up I have been doing it since i was 9 and I am starting to get more advanced I never where anything to noticeable out my friends all think i am really good at it! Anyway if you keep practising and don't let any negative comments make you sad you will be amazing by the time your 13 or 14! =D try doing special effects make-up its really fun! bruises are so easy to do! Anyway its not like you are wearing bright red lips with kitten flick eyeliner and fake eyelashes everyday. to everyone who posted a negative comment
for most people our age who do make up its not because we are worrying about how we look because if we were we would NOT be posting photos online! also its just as being creative!!!! good job you will be so talented at this when your older keep up the good work! also doing make-up is something we obviously both love so don't tell us we can't!!( or shouldn't)!
Supernova's Child
Supernova's Child · Lisbon, Lisbon, PT · 98 projects
I think it's so cool that you found a passion at such a young age! Don't listen to haters, you found something you love to do, so you should stick with it.
Lady Massacre
Lady Massacre · 4 projects
ok look, you're only ten. You don't need makeup. You won't until you're about thirty. Not very long ago, I wore loads of heavy makeup every day. Then one day my dad caught me wearing it and he literally scrubbed it all off of my face. I was going to guitar lessons that day and there's this really hot guy there that I've been trying to flirt with for over a year. I thought he'd be shocked to see me with no makeup, but he was actually amazed at my natural beauty, and now we are even closer than we ever were. I thank my dad for what he did, he made me realize how beautiful I can be naturally. And you should too, trust me
Nancy! · Shawinigan, Quebec, CA · 64 projects
wooo... sorry for the fav but it a mistake..
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
hmmm... i agree with moonstar and also with opheliac.
you always talk about the 'real life', but it seems like you ve no idea what 'real life' is like.
please listen to me, i know my english isn t good and i also know you hear things like that all day, but PLEASE read this comment!!!!!
in real life there are not just friendly peolpe, there are also bad ones. it seems to me that you have no idea what you cause by mens! some of them aren t just nice uncles. some of them think "oh! this little girl is an easy lay!". even if you don t mean it like this.
you look like a bautiful girl. you are 10 years old. you don t need make up to be pretty Happy
Youre 10...you have access to makeup and a webcam...the list of things that could go horribly wrong just scares the crap out of me.
Maxine  M.
Maxine M.
Kid, listen...no. Just...no.
Ruth R.
Ruth R. · 6 projects
I wore this to a party and got a TON of compliments from EVERYONE there!! So actually SHAME! SO before you make anymore negative comments just realise that people out in the real world LOVE this! Mmmmkay?

XXxx Ruth
ThatLittleWhiteRabbit · 2 projects
what kind of party were you are at... you are ten
Abby · Rapid City, South Dakota, US · 10 projects
i agree with moonstar alsoo
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