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repell those spiders

Chad(my bf) is very scared of spiders, so I was looking online for spider killers and I found some ideas online, most say vingar, some say vingar and pepper...the best one I think used vingar, pepper, soap, oil


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Almost Nothing
  • Step 1

    take one cup of vingar, one cup of pepper powder, a teaspoon of oil and liquid soap.

    put it into a spray bottle and spay along the outside of your door(outside door) and along windows

    refresh after it rains

  • Step 2

    or try washing your floors in vingar and water.

    from my online research, spiders hate strong smells, also I think the acid in the vingar must help

  • Step 3

    or try hedgeapple or osage orange. That is supposed to keep them away.

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Natural Spider Killer

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Natural Spider Killer

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CO + K User

why would you want to kill spiders they are soooooo cute
allane82 · Indianapolis, Indiana, US
Um...the pepper clogs up the spray bottle. FYI.
Pandora W.
Pandora W.
I hate to be a negative-Bertha; but this is just not true! Spiders are not like cockroaches where you spray for prevention and to kill - it will kill a spider and it's eggs if you sprayed directly on them, but to spray for prevention... freshly sprayed surface may cause a spider to go the other way, but as soon as its dried it will have a zero effect...
The reason I know this, aside from googling my life away after consistently finding these giant wolf spiders in my family room plus a brown widow behind a painting frame, is that I spoke to three different exterminators and got: "oops,sorry - doesn't work that way with spiders, but don't worry; wolf spiders or widows are not aggressive, so you're fine!".
Again, sorry for the counter-comment, but I don't want anyone get too comfortable for spraying and then end up shocked and screaming (like my husband: "Honeeeeey; SPIDER!!! Come take it out!!!" Yeah, I don't really kill them, just pick them by the back leg and flick them out... but would prefer them not to come in at all!)!!
LayDeeBugZZ · Lawrence, Kansas, US
Is this black pepper or white pepper or Cayenne pepper?
Osage Orange is the same tree as what we in Kansas call Hedge trees. The beautiful green balls that grow on the trees look like green apples but have a weird bumpy surface. Lucky for me we have them in our yard. I have seen them for sale on eBay, believe or not.
Sarah N.
Sarah N.
Is it really a full cup of pepper powder? And what kind of pepper? Cayenne, black?
PoeLur Baer
PoeLur Baer · Huntington Beach, California, US
I don't understand why you can't just put the spider outside instead of slowly poisoning it to death.
Peggy K.
Peggy K.
I'm not a spider lover either, I vote yes on changing the profile picture. . . lol
I will try all the suggestion on gittin rid of spider, Thank you to all Happy
Peggy K.
Peggy K.
I'm not a spider lover either, I vote yes on changing the profile picture. . . lol
I will try all the suggestion on gittin rid of spider, Thank you to all Happy
Meggy Love
Meggy Love · Mountain View, California, US · 4 projects
This is muy perfecto. My apt complex has a bad spider problem. We found and trapped a huge spider (like the one in your picture) in our room that had been biting us for months. Thankfuly it didn't bite my son before we caught it!
Anna B.
Anna B. · 1 project
Hey, the picture is quite cute! (I <3 spiders.)
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