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My Team Jacob Shirt :) woo!
This is my verison of a team jacob shirt. i was inspired from a tutorial on how to make one on this site(can't think of the name..sorry) so i made it using a blue shirt and black stencils (my favorite colors). it took a while,and it was kinda difficult, but that's because i hand sewed everything..except when i put the stencils on, i ironed those
*Well, first i had to resize my t-shirt because it was way too big for me..i had to hand-sew it to make sure it didnt come loose.
*Then once i did that i used the scraps from the shirt to make the stecils as you can see in the pic.
*Once i got all of that done i colored the stencils with a black permenant marker, then sewed the stencils together(i sewed two pieces of scrap cloth for each stencil, then i ironed the stencils onto my shirt (i used some type of fabric tape...i dont know what its called though)
*For my wolf and jacob's tattoo stencil, i looked up the design on the computer, then i drew it, first on paper, then on the shirt*
~And that's how i made my shirt :)~
This would have been a how-to..but it would have been too many steps

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