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Made my first pair of steampunk goggles
I discovered the style of steam punk.And thought i want to make a pair of goggles too.So for the lenses I used flashlight heads.whats really cool is the small dot in the middle of the glass part has magnification to it.it was already on the lens part! I got the flashlights for like a dollar each.

The side of the frames I used a paper plate bowl.I cut off the lip of it and glued it on the side of the cap part.But I learned NOT to use a hot glue gun.Because it dosent work and what ever u glue wont stick.So thats why theres black thread threw the side because I sewed it to the leather strap..lol But I super glued the nose strap :)

The color is a metallic acrylic paint I used.But I dident know u had to prime plastic before u painted it so the paint is pealing off.Im not sure what to do about it :(

The strap is scrap material I had from a cheap coat.so I used it for the strap and added a belt like fastener to it from the coat.Then I added a a gold metal thing i found to the side for some decoration,and added two bolts and thats it.The goggles took me like two days to make because the paint was pealing and I dident use the right glue...so I had some trouble.but my next pair I hope are are better.

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Paige R.
Paige R. · New York, New York, US · 17 projects
Awesome idea! I love the flashlight heads for the lenses. Very creative! I was never sure what to do about those...

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