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Make a Moroccan Side Table
Just a few pieces of wood make a terrific Moroccan inspired side table! Paint and stencil them any way you want!

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  • How to make a side table. Moroccan Side Tables Diy - Step 1
    Step 1

    1 piece of 20" x 20" x 3/4" Plywood
    4 pieces of 1" x 12" x 22" Pine Board
    DecoArt Vintage Effect Wash
    Mandala Stencil
    Americana Decor Outdoor Living Paint
    Dritz Brass Nailhead Trim
    Hammer and Nails
    Jigsaw and Sander

  • How to make a side table. Moroccan Side Tables Diy - Step 2
    Step 2

    1. & 2. Fold a sheet of 12" x 22" paper in half and sketch 1/2 of a pointed keyhole design on one side and cut it out
    3. Trace it on the 4 pieces of pine board
    4. On the 20" x 20" plywood, mark 5" from each corner on each side and connect to marks to make an octagon shape
    5. Nail the pine boards together with 2" long nails
    6. - 8. Cut out the 4 pointed keyhole shapes and cut off the corners of the 20" x 20" piece of plywood to make the octagon shape and then sand all of the edges
    9. Paint the outside of the base and the top of the table top with Vintage Effect Wash in Berry
    and let dry

  • How to make a side table. Moroccan Side Tables Diy - Step 3
    Step 3

    10. & 11. Paint the pointed keyhole edge and table top edge with Americana Outdoor Living in Turquoise Sky
    12. On the top part of the base (above the tip of the keyhole design) stencil about 1/2 of the mandala on all 4 edges using a cosmetic sponge and more Turquoise Sky
    13. & 14. Center and trace a dinner plate in the center the table top and fill in with Americana Decor Outdoor Living in Sunset
    15. Stencil the mandala over the orange circle on the table top
    16. Paint the inside of the table base with more Outdoor Living in Sunset
    17. Apply nailhead trim to the outer edge of each keyhole cut out and around the edge of the table top
    18. Center and nail the table top to the base

  • Step 4

    Watch how to put them together here!

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